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Date: 11 Jan 2022 -

The South American countrys citizens now have access to a cash balance that can be used to save or transfer money without permission.Lightning payments platform Strike has made some of its services available to Argentinians on Tuesday in an effort to give hope to a population that suffers from hyperinflation according to an announcement Twitter thread from its founder Jack Mallers.Today we launch a superior financial experience to a country that faces hyperinflation predatory payment networks and unusable crossborder transfers Mallers tweeted on Tuesday. Today we use the worlds open monetary network Bitcoin to give hope to the people of Argentina.Mallers went on to explain that the country is plagued with a history of economic turmoil and uncertainty something Bitcoin could help fix. The peertopeer monetary system with a limited and immutable supply of money enables Argentinians to hold sound money that gains in purchasing power both in relation to the peso and the U.S. dollar. A devaluing national currency impairs citizens ability to save while it quietly erodes their purchasing power through inflation. In the case of Argentina annual inflation is currently already above 50 as the country struggles to emerge from a longlasting recession.There is now unprecedented demand for an open monetary system that lives within a distributed network has a known monetary policy a fixed supply and is resistant to censorship Mallers said adding that Argentina needs the best monetary asset and the best monetary network in human history Bitcoin.Strikes official launch in Argentina further advances Strikes mission of building a more connected financial world. Strike allows anyone in Argentina day one access to a wide range of use cases including instant and nearfree remittance payments accepting and sending bitcoin Tips on Twitter and peertopeer transactions the company said in a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine.Despite U.S. customers being able to access the full range of services provided by Strike including buying bitcoin and getting paid in bitcoin through automatic paycheck conversions Argentinians are for now only able to hold a cash balance which they can use to save or transfer money instantly to anywhere in the world without fees.This is a superior financial experience that legacy financial institutions and governments have failed to deliver to the people of Argentina Mallers said.UPDATE Jan 11 250 pm ET Updated to reflect differences between U.S. and Argentinian customers access to Strike services.

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Bancor Version 3 Launched on Mainnet 2 years ago

Prominent decentralized finance protocol Bancor has announced the launch of its v3 dubbed Bancor 3. The release on the mainnet comes six months after the project first shared the details of features.Bancor 3 Goes LiveAccording to the official blog post Bancors latest version is focused on encouraging broad and sustainable involvement in onchain liquidity markets by simplifying passive liquidity pr

Buying and selling crypto on a P2P marketplace does not feature charts or market indications unlike traditional exchanges.

Nitro League introduces the Nitro garage and an exclusive land sale in its updated roadmap.Nitro League a decentralized racing metaverse has announced the release of its updated roadmap to launch its racing metaverse.According to the press release shared with Coinjournal Nitro League said it had added the Nitro garage and an exclusive land sale to the updated roadmap.The team said the Nitro League

Interestingly Ether has not reclaimed its alltime high against Bitcoin since June 2017 despite the NFT craze.

On March 30 Gumi Cryptos Capital GCC announced the blockchainfocused venture capital firms second fund that will invest 110 million in earlystage blockchain startups. The second fund follows GCCs initial 21 million fund that backed seed stage founders. 13Gumi Cryptos Capital Reveals Fund II Firm Will Invest 110 Million Into earlyStage Blockchain Startups13The blockchainfocused venture capital fir

Singapore Singapore 7th August 2022 Chainwire DeFiChain the worlds leading blockchain on the Bitcoin network dedicated to bringing decentralized financial applications and services to everyone is thrilled to announce that its community has voted to offer lucrative liquidity mining rewards for the ERC20 format of its native DFI token pairs on Uniswap. Theproposalput forth by

Metaverse crypto coins with a low unit price are some of the most popular options for new traders and investors looking to accumulate a large number of tokens for a relatively cheap price. There are dozens of lowpriced projects out there and for a new trader it might be hard to figure out which ones are the real deal. This article looks at our pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a un

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Solanapowered concentrated liquidity protocol Crema Finance temporarily suspended its operations after a major hack led to the draining of a sizable amount of funds. While the estimated loss is not yet confirmed by the DeFi platform Crema Finance said it would soon release a postmortem report detailing what went down. Meanwhile Solana Indexer offered a 8230

The popular Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham better known as Drake made a 275000 bitcoin bet on a UFC fight. Unfortunately for him Jorge Masvidal his pick for a winner lost the match.Betting on The UnderdogLast weekends fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington was the main event of UFC 272. The match was extra special since the men are former best friends roommates and teammates. Howeve

The cryptocurrency and stock market had had a meltdown as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to combat the rising inflation. As a result several companiesfirms have experienced financial instability with SkyBridge Capital being the most recent victim something that has forced it to suspend the withdrawals.The current situation within the financial market has destabilized the operations of m

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One week after introducing the Address Ownership Proof Protocol or AOPP the hardware wallet company backtracked on its decision due to customer privacy concerns.

Analyzing bitcoin derivatives gives a window into the state of the market conditions and can provide clues for when bitcoin has reached an absolute bottom. The below is an excerpt from a recent edition of Bitcoin Magazine Pro Bitcoin Magazines premium markets newsletter. To be among the first to receive these insights and other onchain bitcoin market analysis str