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The post These 5 Platforms Will Help You Conveniently Manage Your Crypto Portfolio appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideAs mainstream interest in cryptocurrency grows it becomes essential for users to manage their portfolios well. Even when investing in a handful of currencies keeping tabs on their priceperformance remains critical. Several platforms and tools make it easier to do so although they have different approaches to achieving this goal.CoinStatsnbspHaving access to your entire crypto portfolio through one convenient application is pertinent. CoinStats makes this process easy and offers its solution free of charge. Users can synchronize their exchange accounts and wallets automatically obtaining all relevant data. Moreover its application doubles as a DeFi wallet application. That is a beneficial bonus for users eager to explore the many decentralized finance opportunities.CoinStats is the most popular crypto portfolio solution on the market with 1.2 million monthly active users. The team has come a long way since its launch in 2017 and the addition of a wallet function resulted in a steep user increase. Moreover NFT support rolled out in November 2021. Thanks to its growing number over 300 of connections to exchanges wallets and other platforms CoinStats maintains its dominant market position. In addition users can set up alerts for over 20000 crypto assets ensuring users can always make the bestinformed trading decisions.ZerionThe Zerion portfolio management tool primarily caters to DeFi users rather than overall crypto enthusiasts. Zerion wants to make building and managing a DeFi portfolio easier through one convenient interface. Users can explore options such as DeFi Indexes blue chips and top gainers to determine which trading opportunities to look at next. Like cryptocurrencies DeFi assets have profit potential but also introduce significant volatility.Additionally Zerion supports nonfungible tokens and the broader Metaverse aggregating all decentralized exchanges and Layertwo blockchains. There is no support for centralized trading platforms at this time making it more of an advanced useroriented tool rather than a solution for novice users. Per the website Zerion supports thousands of DeFi protocols and notes over 1 billion in traded volume since September 2021.ZapperDecentralized finance enthusiasts have taken a keen interest in Zapper and how it lets them manage their Web3 portfolio and NFT collection through one interface. Like Zerion it primarily supports decentralized exchanges and platforms built on smart contracts rather than centralized platforms. The Zapper platform has noted over 11 billion invested since May 2020 and over 1 million users managing their portfolio since January 2020.Moreover the platform supports hundreds of DeFi protocols and platforms. It is a viable tool for those who are experienced in the cryptocurrency field but may not suit the needs of newcomers right away. Decentralized finance is a very complex industry for newcomers to grasp and Zapper assumes users already have crypto assets to invest across these protocols.DropsTab PortfolioThe DropsTab team has built a crypto portfolio tracker that scours blockchains for transactions holdings and asset performance. In addition users can tap into realtime price signals alerts portfolio customization and more. Furthermore the platform offers an independent market cap metric rather than relying on data aggregators like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.It is worth noting the portfolio tracker is part of the broader DropsTab ecosystem which provides market insights exchange information and lets users set up an asset watchlist. The portfolio tracker has all of the basic functionality through a convenient interface which users can access on a computer and mobile.CoinTrackerThe CoinTracker portfolio solution becomes mainly relevant during tax season. It is challenging for users to calculate their taxes based on transaction history and exchange activities. CoinTracker automates this process to tax investment performance through automated portfolio tracking. There is support for hundreds of exchanges and thousands of crypto assets.Extra functionality provided by CoinTracker includesOptimized cost basis accounting.Taxloss harvesting.Ensuring users are fully compliant with tax rules in their country.Keep in mind the platform may partially support some countries due to unclear guidelines. Nevertheless the hybrid approach between portfolio management and tax compliance is intriguing although it may confuse newcomers a bit at first.nbspClosing ThoughtsThe variety of crypto portfolio solutions showcases the versatility of the cryptocurrency industry. Finding the right tool regardless of technical knowledge can be tricky although the list above has all types of users covered. Moreover more platforms integrate support for DeFi NFTs and even taxation making the jump from the mainstream into cryptocurrency far less steep.

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The Canadian cryptocurrency miner HIVE Blockchain announced its August production figures saying it mined 290.4 BTC and 3010 ETH. The companys equivalent BTC production was 518.8 BTC with an average hashrate of 3.70 Exahash.HIVE Blockchain also acknowledged the potential of Ethereums upcoming 8220Merge8221 vowing to start mining various other GPU mineable coins once this process gets completed.HIV

Onchain data shows around 82 of the Bitcoin shortterm holder supply is currently in loss suggesting that capitulation may occur soon.82 Of Bitcoin ShortTerm Holder Supply Now In Loss While Total STH Supply DeclinesAccording to the latest weekly report from Glassnode the BTC STH supply is nearing alltime lows at the moment. However 82 of it is being held at a loss.The 8220BTC shortterm holder suppl

Martin Shkreli refuted a press release claiming he was launching a DEX to compete with Uniswapbut says hes working on something else in crypto.

The Bitcoin price has been moving sideways on low timeframes after experiencing a rejection north of 20000. The number one cryptocurrency by market cap was benefiting from Ethereums Merge bullish momentum but with that factor gone bears seem to be back in control. At the time of writing the Bitcoin price trades at 19200 with a 14 loss over the past week and sideways movement in the last 24 hours.

The post 4 Innovative Crypto Projects To Look Out For In 2022 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideCryptocurrencies have become a prominent trend in the bigger global financial markets landscape with a market worth of about USD 2 trillion and over 13000 digital assets. Unlike in the early days of Bitcoin when retail investors controlled the market instituti

After another price dip to sub37000 levels bitcoin went on the offensive and jumped to almost 39000. Most of the altcoin space seems untypically calm with Tron being among the very few impressive gainers after a 10 price surge.Bitcoin Eyes 39KAfter last weeks unsuccessful venture above 40000 in which BTC spiked north of that level twice but was rejected violently the cryptocurrency has remained we

New York to Vote on Bitcoin Mining Ban Bill 8 months ago

If the proposed legislation passes proofofwork mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum PoW would be prohibited.The New York crypto community has responded to this challenge and launched a public campaign in defense of cryptocurrency mining.Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum Ether mining could be banned on Monday April 25 if the New York State Assembly passes Bill A7389C. If so New York will become the first state to

Two months after exploiting the crypto exchange AscendEx formerly Bitmax the anonymous hackers have transferred around 1.5 million worth of Ethereum to Uniswap in their first attempts to launder the money.CryptoPotato reported in midDecember when the threeyearold digital asset trading platform became the latest victim of a security breach.Early estimations showed that the total amount swiped was t

LDO price is up roughly 30 over the past day gaining approximately 500 since midJune.

Decrypts Kate Irwin speaks with Hollywood producer Bryan Unkeless and team members Bryce Anderson and Blaise Hemingway about their Web3 scifi project Runner starting with an NFT project and a comic book all about racing.

On Monday May 9 2022 the stablecoin terrausd UST lost its parity with the U.S. dollar and dropped to an alltime low of 0.66 per unit. The stablecoin has been one of the most topical discussions in crypto during the past 24 hours as many have been betting on whether it will fail or recover. However by 915 a.m. ET on Tuesday morning the stablecoin has managed to climb back to 0.934 per unit.UST Stab

Icebreaker Finance will offer fully collateralised loans to bluechip mining companies.Loan periods are of 1218 months and interest rates of 1520.The fund is open to miners in North America Canada and Australia the company announced on Tuesday.Icebreaker Finance an Australianfounded firm thatrsquos seeking to leverage blockchain technology to improve capital markets has unveiled a 300 million fund

Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs Group is planning to launch overthecounter OTC Ether option trading in due course as client demand for options tied to the second biggest crypto is on the rise.As the Goldman Sachs team shared on April 5th a growing number of the investment banks clients are shifting to Ether which has become more of an investable asset class than market leader Bitcoin as the Ethere

Cryptex CEO Joe Sticco joined Decrypts Dan Roberts and Stacy Elliott at Chainlink SmartCon 2022 to talk about how Cryptex is working with Chainlink and Coinbase Cloud to launch a token that tracks the performance of the entire NFT market and why such an asset might bring new people into NFTs and make the market more accessible.

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