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Date: 14 Mar 2022 - 17:05

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia is betting big on the leading Solana NFT marketplace 8211 Market Eden.OpenSea happens to be the leader in the NFT space however its dominance appears to be dwindling. There are now newer platforms backed by some of the biggest investors that may have been contributing to this trend.Magic Edens 27 Million Funding RoundAccording to the latest reports Magic Eden is set to announce 27 million in Series A. Leading the round is Sequoia Capital while other investors include Paradigm and Solana Ventures. The platform has declined to reveal its valuation but the latest capital infusion will be deployed to expand its services.The latest news comes just a week after Magic Eden partnered with sporting entertainment platform Overtime to roll out an NFT collection that seeks to improve fan engagement and exclusive experiences.Solana or Ethereum The Next NFT HubSequoia Capital partner Shaun Maguire believes one of the worlds popular venues for NFTs 8211 OpenSea 8211 has a weakness since it mainly relies on a less efficient blockchain Ethereum. Despite being a startup Maguire has high hopes for Magic Eden. He said8220The bet was that they would move fast and that they would capture that advantage before OpenSea would be able to go into Solana.8221OpenSea has also been hurt by the significant negative press that made rounds this year. Its trading volumes and sales have also taken a hit. Hence investors turning to newer platforms isnt surprising.Data from CryptoSlam reveal that Solana raked up a total of 116193618 on sales in the last 30 days During the same time Ethereums figures stood at 1865220512. So far Solana has attracted primarily retail investors who were massively affected by the high Ethereum transaction gas fees.It is still early to speculate on Magic Edens dominance in the sector at a time when NFT sales have gone down tremendously. While Magic Eden dominates NFT trade on the Solana blockchain overall its still only the ninthlargest NFT marketplace.But its cofounder Zhuoxun Yin a former Coinbase product manager is confident that Solana has many advantages over Ethereum especially in areas such as video games where NFTs are expected to be traded frequently. The exec said8220Gaming NFTs will be on places like Solana. Theyre not going to be on Ethereum.8221

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39997.79 $ 0 % 760.32 Billion $
3001.33 $ 0 % 360.05 Billion $
1.001 $ 0 % 82.65 Billion $
398.86 $ 0 % 59.29 Billion $
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Bitcoin is getting a dose of reality this week as the World Economic Forum convenes and analysts still favor a fresh BTC price drop.

ADAs price rallied over 20 in the past three days and is now found below a key resistance.Key Support levels 0.50 0.45Key Resistance levels 0.55 0.66After Cardano turned the 0.50 level into support the price quickly moved higher to the key resistance at 0.55. ADA is more likely to pull back here and this would be a test to see if the buyers have sufficient momentum to attempt a break higher toward

The crypto market cap declined by about 80 billion today as Bitcoin dropped to a monthly low beneath 39000.The crypto markets are on another roller coaster ride today with bitcoin slipping below 40000 and many altcoins dumpings as well. Ethereum has taken it on the chin losing over 5 of its value to sit at just under 3000 per coin. Other altcoins like Terra Ripple Solana Cardano and Polkadot also

Ethereum Classic price has been in a strong bearish trend in the past few days as the momentum of Ethereum Merge faded. The ETC token crashed to a low of 27.52 which was the lowest level since July 27. It has dropped by over 36 from its highest level in August.Fed interest rate decision aheadETC was one of the top beneficiaries of the recent Ethereum Merge event. The coin jumped to a multimonth hi

21000 is looking tricky as sell orders mount while buy walls dry up taking potential support with them.

After the bulls pushed the price by 34 from the lowest mark in June they retreated after reaching the first resistance zone. Ripple has spent the previous four days in red and has lost about 13 of its value as of this writing.Technical AnalysisBy GrizzlyThe Daily ChartOn the daily timeframe the intersection of the Fibonacci level at 0.236 in purple with the horizontal resistance at 0.38 in red has

Even though the crypto market is a straightup bloodbath this weekend if youre looking to buy the dip now is the time. This article looks at our top five Metaverse crypto coins with a low market cap below 250 million thats worth watching in 2022 ordered by overall valuation lowest to highest.Verasity VRA 8211 103 millionLaunched in 2019 Verasity describes itself as the future of esports digital ent

Thomas Peterffy 8211 Founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers 8211 believes the American authorities might ban cryptocurrencies amid concerns that they facilitate illegal activities. Nonetheless the billionaire remains a HODLer vowing to purchase more bitcoin if its price drops to 12000.The Current Economic Situation and BitcoinIn a recent interview for Forbes Peterffy envisioned that the ongoi

Blockchain analyst firm Chainalysis published a new report focused on the illicit activities occurring on blockchains noting that DeFi protocols are the most popular target hackers tend to go after and that money laundering in the space has risen in the past two years.DeFi as Hackers Primary TargetSince the DeFi Boom occurred in the summer of 2020 illicit DeFi transactions have risen steadily. Mon

The Nasdaqlisted company Microstrategy sees evidence of a lot more institutional adoption of bitcoin. The firm cited various reasons including The circumstances and the currency volatility in Turkey South America and Africa all of these things have elevated institutional awareness of bitcoin.1313Microstrategy Outlines Future Outlook for Bitcoin13The Nasdaqlisted software company Microstrategy dis

On August 31 D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine said his office is taking legal action against Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy for tax fraud and seeks to recover over 100 million in unpaid taxes and penalties.Since then Saylor has released a statement claiming he resides in Miami Beach Florida and has no tax liability to the District.D.C. AG gunning for Saylor over Bitcoin tax evasionTwitter ac

Macau one of Chinas special administrative regions recently concluded discussing a bill that seeks to make digital currencies legal tender a report has said. The report also suggested that individuals who reject or refuse to accept legal tender will be fined between 123 and 1230. Improving Macaus Legal SystemAn executive council of Macau an autonomous region on Chinas south coast recently complete

A group of U.S.based banks is launching their own stablecoin USDF. The stablecoin will be issued by the USDF Consortium which will allow its members financial and banking institutions to issue USDF. The proposed stablecoin will be the first currency of its kind to be minted by FDICinsured institutions and compliant with the recommendations on the use of stablecoins made by the presidents working g

Max Keiser said Ethereum like altcoins are a scam. But Bitcoin is solving actual problems.nbspDespite based on traditional proofofwork Consensus Bitcoin getting support is more likely a king. In this crypto industry there are a numbers of highly efficient crypto blockchain networks available which are far better but still people are giving support to bitcoin as a top and best digital currency.nbsp

The largest DEX in the world could be supported by a new 74 million foundation if a new proposal from two community members passes a vote later this month.