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Date: 23 Mar 2022 - 10:44

The move to simplify the listing process is part of a broader push to increase the number of digital assets that can be traded in the country.The Japan Virtual and Crypto Assets Exchange Association JVCEA plans to release a green list of 18 popular crypto assets before the end of this month according to reports. The group consists of 31 exchanges in the country.The green list which includes the highvolume tokens such as Bitcoin Ethereum XRP and Litecoin aims to allow them to avoid the arduous screening process that digital assets must go through in order to be listed for trading in Japan.Overseas Exchanges PreferredThe listing process is much easier in other countries. Coinbase for example had 139 cryptocurrencies listed for trading at the end of 2021. By comparison exchanges in Japan have only 40 tokens listed between them in total.The report added that the 9.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency held by Japanese exchange customers in January was also a fraction of the 278 billion held by Coinbase clients.Japan is losing out as many traders head for exchanges beyond its shores with hundreds of listings such as Binance. Genki Oda the vicechair of JVCEA commentedOnly a handful of crypto exchanges are profitable because it took such a long time to get cryptocurrencies approved. Users also flocked to overseas exchanges. The goal is to eliminate the time it takes to list a token and bring the industry closer to global standards.Sluggish token approvals have been a major hurdle to cryptocurrency adoption and trading in Japan. Each registered exchange has to undergo a lengthy screening process even for widely traded tokens. More than 80 applications were still waiting to be approved late last year.According to a JVCEA official the new measure will free up the association to approve new cryptocurrencies initial coin offerings ICOs and initial exchange offerings IEOs.Coincheck IPOOn March 22 CryptoPotato reported that the Japanese exchange Coincheck announced plans to go public in the United States. The IPO will be via a specialpurpose acquisition company SPAC through a partnership with the firm Thunder Bridge Capital Partners.Earlier this month Japan made assurances that its exchanges would comply with any sanctions imposed on Russia.

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Web3 seems to hold much promise for those utilizing it but the gaming aspect has not been well received. This is mainly because the quality of the gameplay is nothing to compare with conventional games. Purchasing cryptocurrencies and NFTs are tasks that require some technical knowledge that many dont have.This is why the creators of Bladebound the first highquality fastpaced hack n slash RPG to f

Because of some suspicious activities CryptoCom halted all the withdrawals for a short time.CryptoCom is a popular crypto exchange and crypto wallet service. This exchange is known for its highlevel marketing strategy and bettersecured crypto services. Right now this exchange has 10 million users all over the world.nbspOn 17 January 2022 the official Twitter account of CryptoCom tweeted that a few

The U.S. has already sanctioned a crop of Russian crypto exchangesbut this marks a historic first.

Will doggie meme coins die off in 2022? 2 years ago

As 2022 begins thoughts turn to the next 100x gainer. But according to Motley Fool that wont be any of the doggie meme coins.While its true that around this time last year Dogecoin had crypto purists in disbelief the second half of 2021 was much more sedate suggesting that buyers had already moved on.Nonetheless Dogecoins relatively shortlived success still brought a swarm of clones into being. Wi

The Financial Conduct Authority FCA Britains top financial regulator has revealed that many crypto firms are still seeking licenses to operate in the U.K. despite failing to meet regulatory requirements the first time. They know we have a good system of regulation and if they meet our standards thats important for every jurisdiction that they seek to apply for around the world said the regulator.F

A meme coin is a cryptocurrency that originates from a meme or something humorous. Dogecoin DOGE started the trend with its launch in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. Since then hundreds of cryptocurrencies have followed suit trying to replicate the success of Dogecoin. However only one has succeeded thus far Shiba Inu SHIB.Shiba Inu was initially created to poke fun at the meme coin giant

Imagine waking up and finding out that youve lost over 60 of your supposed savings.Last month Investors lost more than 99 of their savings in the USTLUNA collapse which shook the entire Crypto space.Over 800 million worth of cryptocurrency long positions were liquidated in one day. This is due to the selloff caused by a disappointing disaster for Terras algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD UST which lo

Read in the DigestTerra will burn 1.3 billion UST to restore its peg 8211 Polygon unveils fund to help Terra projects migrate networks.Ethereum plunges to 1.7 K risking further drop with 1B options expiry.JP Morgan uses blockchain for collateral settlement foresees increased use in finance.Bill Miller Bitcoin is an insurance against financial catastrophe.Tether enters Latin America with new Mexica

Will U.S. President Joe Bidens executive order calling for regulatory guidelines around Bitcoin help or hurt the technologyU.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order E.O. yesterday outlining federal efforts to research and develop specific guidelines for the use of bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies and a possible Federal Reserve central bank digital currency CBDC as the country seeks to

The newly launched realtime conflict resolution platform ZudgeZury is expected to generate a new domain and revolutionize the crypto space Coin Journal learned from a press release.nbspHow it worksMembers of the ZudgeZury community can raise issues or concerns regarding financial advice their dating life family vacations personal problems education or any other problem. The issue is addressed by Z

Key TakeawaysBitcoin accumulation addresses have reached a new alltime high.The highly bullish metric is coming on the back of increased onchain activity.The price of Bitcoin has been staging an impressive upsurge amid geopolitical risks.Onchain data continues to point towards the longterm bullishness of Bitcoin investors. One such indicator Bitcoin accumulation addresses has continued to rise phe

Flow rose for a second consecutive session on Tuesday as the token climbed by 12 earlier in the day. The rebound comes after prices fell to a onemonth low over the weekend. Cosmos was also in the green as it too hit a fiveday high. Overall the global crypto market cap is up 0.68 as of writing.Flow FLOWFlow FLOW was one of the notable movers during Tuesdays session as the token rose by as much as 1

The commission will have 180 days to submit a report detailing findings determinations and recommendations on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency legislation.Chris Sununu Governor of the U.S. state of New Hampshire last week signed an executive order establishing a commission to investigate current Bitcoinrelated laws and propose new ones as the state seeks to encourage innovation and attract businesses in

According to a report by wax 75 of online gamers want to exchange virtual assets for a currency that they can use on other platforms and in real life.In the past players could only play online games for the fun of it there was no way for them to convert that thrill to 8216earnings. The virtual world that includes games was utterly distant from the physical world.Cryptocurrency has become a 8216gam

The post SleeFi All You Need To Know About The Innovative and Ingenious SleeptoEarn Game appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideWith every passing day the crypto world receives new innovative and ingenious ideas that attract more users. Especially in playtoearn games which have quickly gained ground as a significant component of almost every metaverse you ca