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Date: 30 Mar 2022 - 14:52

KuCoinrsquos Into the Cryptoverse 2022 report shows that nearly half of the German population sees crypto as part of ldquothe future of finance.rdquo35 of investors do it for passive income.More women are showing curiosity in 2022 with 53 of those showing interest.A recent report by global crypto exchange KuCoin suggests that 44 of Germans are ldquomotivatedrdquo toward cryptocurrencies as an investment.This percentage of the population also believes cryptocurrency is the ldquofuture of financerdquo the exchange noted in its lsquoInto The Cryptoverse 2022rsquo report.16 of Germans aged 1860 own or trade cryptonbspThe insights gleaned from the study are reflective of Germanyrsquos ldquoset of clear rules applicable to cryptocurrenciesrdquo a summary of the report indicated.Notably Germany was the first country to recognise Bitcoin as a ldquounit of valuerdquo classifiable as a ldquofinancial instrument.rdquo That happened in 2013 and is a development that appears to have had a big impact on adoption rates in the country.As a result of regulatory developments 44 of respondents said they are looking to buy and invest in crypto. Per the report almost half of the population is convinced crypto is going to be the future of finance.16 of Germans aged 1860 own cryptocurrencies or have traded them over the past six months with 41 of these investors planning to increase their investments in 2022. A further 13 are said to be cryptocurious.In terms of gender men account for 69 of cryptocurrency investors while 53 of the cryptocurious are women.Overall 77 of these lsquocryptocuriousrsquo investors are reportedly looking into potential digital assets to buy. According to KuCoin this is a statistic that points to the very high levels of crypto literacy in the country.Staking and lending top investment productsThe report suggests that the growing adoption of crypto investment in Germany is down to the growing appeal of digital assets as a source of passive income. And this ability to generate returns on crypto investments is seeing cryptocurrency investing going mainstream in the country.Per the study 35 of investors take positions for passive income opportunities. Meanwhile 30 see crypto as a reliable store of value and 29 say crypto assets provide a means to financial independence.In terms of specific investments for passive income an average of 24 of investors prefer staking crypto to holding bank savings accounts. Crypto lending comes next at 13.The report on Germany is the second in KuCoinrsquos Into The Cryptoverse 2022 lineup coming after Turkey. The exchange plans to release further reports throughout 2022. nbspGlobal trends on ownership and usage of crypto for 2021 showed that Nigeria topped the global charts with Singapore Thailand and the Philipines also up there. Asia Africa and South America are showing the fastest growth.The post Kucoin 44 of Germans are 8216motivated toward crypto investing appeared first on Coin Journal.

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
39997.79 $ 0 % 760.32 Billion $
3001.33 $ 0 % 360.05 Billion $
1.001 $ 0 % 82.65 Billion $
398.86 $ 0 % 59.29 Billion $
1.004 $ 0 % 50.96 Billion $
101.49 $ 0 % 33.28 Billion $
0.122 $ 0 % 31.52 Billion $
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Cardano ADA price has skewed way up by over 8 in the past 24 hours peaking at 0.51. ADA has now outstripped XRP in terms of market cap with now valued at 17.6 billion and XRP at 17.5 billion.Nevertheless ADA still suffered a massive decline of 83 from its alltime high in September. The upcoming launch of hard fox seems to be the impetus for the recent price spike. It was supposed to be launched in

The post Put Flasko FLSK Ahead Of Uniswap UNI And Shiba Inu SHIB In Your Investment Portfolio appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech NewsA relatively new cryptocurrency called Flasko has recently received favorable attention. Shiba Inu SHIB and Uniswap UNI two of the most popular cryptocurrencies will not be as valuable as Flasko. Leading analysts are saying this but whyTherefore lets investigate thi

The post Reserve Rights RSR Price Prediction 2022 2023 2024 2025 Is RSR A Good Investment appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech NewsThe abundance of creative and unique initiatives that make up the blockchain.comCrypto trading and Information Followers 1 View profile industry has always been one of its greatest assets. One such project is Reserve Rights and its

The post After Binance And Ripple Terras Do Kwon Under SEC Scrutiny Here Are The Details appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideThe aftermath of Terra crash is gaining new grounds every day. Now Terra creator Do Kwon and Terraform Labs TFL is directed by a judge to cooperate with an SEC investigation.However the investigation is not in relation to the current

Itau Unibanco one of the biggest bank conglomerates in Brazil has been selected by the countrys central bank to develop a system with a stablecoin pegged to the value of the Brazilian real. Itaus system was one of the eight proposals selected by the Central Bank of Brazil as part of LIFT Lab an annual initiative focused on financial innovation.13Itau Unibanco to Develop Digital Real Stablecoin13Th

The post Here Is Why XRP Price Claiming 0.50 Mark Could Be Imminent appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideAfter being shadowed with bearish pull since April the crypto market has now found some light with major cryptocurrencies flashing green. In fact the worlds first cryptocurrency Bitcoin has even surpassed its long time held 23000 level and reclaimed 2400

The crypto market performed well over the last week but two key data points hint at a brief cooling off period.

There have been over 130 tweets in the last hour asking Binance to stop scamming as the worlds largest crypto trading platform suspends or blocks accounts of African mostly Nigerian users.Other people posted that scammers should stop complaining about being scammed and that the closed accounts are of those who committed fraud or are related to scams. Some users who retweeted the hashtag and active

EUR retains its trend of underperformance this year with a significant influence from geopolitical tensions. Besides the euro most of the financial system including crypto is in disarray but the dollar has managed to keep its head up. In the wake of the euros recent decline an analyst sees BTCs strength in the currencys trend reversal and a comeback from traditional stocks.BTC could find its stren

Bitcoin miners are the next level of power projection as they reinforce an incorruptible network that cannot be usurped by a single entity.This is an opinion editorial by Jaime Gutierrez a bitcoin financial strategist and founder of Bitcoin Embassy on YouTube.This article is part of a series written by Jaime Gutierrez entitled The Influence Of The U.S. In Central America Then And Today.The militar

Bitcoin has made a Vshaped recovery in the last 48hoursBitcoin is now trading at a key resistance level of around 38165.f the 38165 level is broken 40k BTC is a possibility in the next 24hoursBitcoin BTCUSD is in a rebound after making a Vshaped recovery at 32800 on January 24 2022. Buying volumes have been rising as Bitcoin continues to price in the potential interest rates hike in the U.S which

NFTs would enable artists to create new ways to build relationships with and monetize their audience says Jordan Birnholtz.

Malaysias communications ministry has proposed legalizing nonfungible tokens NFTs to increase the participation of young people in the cryptocurrency space. The crypto sector is under the purview of the central bank Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission.Malaysian Ministry Wants NFTs LegalizedMalaysias Ministry of Communications and Multimedia has proposed legalizing nonfungible tokens

The post Uniswap Whale Accumulation Increases UNI Price Surge More Than 100 In Last 2 Months appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideUniswap the Ethereumbased exchange has been quiet on the tear since June 18 but suddenly jumped up with a steep gain of 150 in these past seven weeks. With its strong price rally UNI is now the 15th largest crypto in terms of mar

The post Will EthereumETH Price Trade Backwards to Maintain the stETH Peg appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuidestETH the tokenized form of staked ETH and the native token of Lido depegged and dropped hard similar to that of UST. Lido is a staking solution for Ethereum backed by several industryleading staking providers. In the past couple of days the stETH