2 years ago
Date: 05 May 2022 - 18:22

Anthony Scaramucci predicts that the next presidential candidacy will be procrypto and that a Bitcoin ETF will happen by the end of 2022 given recent developments on Capitol Hill.

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San Francisco California 27th October 2022 Chainwire Blockchain infrastructure platform Gluwa is partnering with the Lagos State government to transform the agricultural sector. The move will enable the digitization of agricultural assets making it easier for farmers in the region to obtain finance. The project will involve the Lagos State Ministries of Agriculture Finance Science

Sony Group Corporation has revealed it has partnered with Theta Labs in order to launch 3D nonfungible token NFT assets. The upcoming NFTs will be crafted for the Sony Spatial Reality Display and are designed for threedimensional viewing.Sony 3D NFTs to Enhance Spatial Reality Display FeaturesThe Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony is working with Theta Labs the creators of the Th

The post XRP Price Analysis XRP Price Will Likey Drop To This Level By Weekend appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideXRP price currently appears to have engaged in a strong upward movement post the recent rebound from the lows around 0.3. Presently it is on a bullish trend with an increase of 2.61 in the last 24 hours. This trend is set to continue for the

PRESS RELEASE. DCENT Hardware Wallet recently added a new userfocused feature named x2018Exchange under the platforms x2018Discovery tab menu allowing users to exchange multiple network cryptocurrency assets with only a few clicks. Furthermore users may acquire cryptocurrencies using their credit cards directly from the x2018Buy Cryptocurrency tab thereby bypassing the need for crypto exchanges.13

Chingari Tik Toks new challenger announced the debut of its integratedtoken mobile application powered by the Solana blockchain today.The integration of the native GARI token on Google Play and the Apple App Store plays a pivotal role in providing users with easy access to cryptocurrency. Following the successful launch of its testnet last month the mobile app launch is the next step toward its ma

Bitcoins price has yet to break out of the consolidation phase as the price has been trapped in an extensive range between 24K and 18K over the past few months. Currently the market is testing the significant support level at 18K as the asset aims for a rebound to the upside.Technical AnalysisBy EdrisThe Daily ChartOn the daily timeframe the price is still consolidating between the significant bea

Its been a week of polarizing opinion in crypto news. Whether its cryptocurrency fund managers predicting 100K bitcoin by the end of the year Peter Schiff saying things will only get worse as the recession deepens or Bill Gates slamming crypto and NFTs citing the Greater Fool Theory theres been no shortage of spicy debate and notable economic forecasting going on. Read about it all right here in t

As the use of cryptocurrency160has grown the IRS has initiated an investigation into taxpayers who are seeking to hide their cryptocurrency income. Cryptocurrency adoption is at an alltime high and regulators are keeping a close eye on the digital asset market. Authorities are attempting to regulate digital assets and determine whether or not they can 8230

U.S. state securities regulators have revealed that cryptocurrency investments are their top investor threat this year. Before you jump into the crypto craze be mindful that cryptocurrencies and related financial products may be nothing more than public facing fronts for Ponzi schemes and other frauds one regulator warned.Crypto Is the Top Threat for US Securities RegulatorsThe North American Secu

Popular digital artist Beeple had his Twitter account hacked as part of an organized phishing scam that has duped people out of crypto and nonfungible tokens NFTs worth over 436000.Beeples Twitter Account Hacked in Phishing ScamOn May 22nd the verified Twitter account of Mike Winkelmann the digital artist known as Beeple was hacked in a Phishing Scam.After gaining access to Beeples account the att

Bill Gates has denied any involvement with NFTs or crypto claiming that he is skeptical of the hoopla. On Tuesday the billionaire discussed digital assets at the Climate 2022 conferences TechCrunch sessions. Gates sarcastically ridiculed the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs which have generated huge excitement and celebrity appeal with different big names from various 8230

For starters Binance Oracle will allow existing decentralized applications and Web3 ecosystem partners on BNB Chain to access data sources and advanced computations.

The effort will include issuing guidance for NFTs and ICOs expanding infrastructure and supporting CBDC research.

Yuga Labs the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC NFT collection has announced the opening of the 8216Otherside its muchanticipated metaverse gaming platform.Todays tech demo has ended. Thank you to all the Voyagers who participated we39ll tweet here when your credit is ready later today. If youre already hungry for more Otherside weve released a litepaper httpst.coXPlNEwPGCC. See for moremd

Warren Buffetts business partner Charlie Munger called crypto investors 8220insane8221 for investing in nothing and said he avoids the crypto industry like an 8220open sewer.8221Munger made the comments during an interview with the Australian Financial Review.Munger said8220I just avoid it as if it were an open sewer full of malicious organisms. I just totally avoid and recommend everybody else fo