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Date: 23 May 2022 - 17:30

This week the consumer electronics and gaming software retailer Gamestop has officially revealed the companys selfcustodial Web3 ethereum wallet. The wallet is currently in beta form and now available via the firms web portal in order to provide users with a wallet that stores crypto assets and nonfungible tokens NFTs. Furthermore the wallet utilizes Looprings layer two L2 ZKrollup technology to provide users with fast and fairly priced transactions.Gamestop Wants to Bring Power to Players via the Companys SelfCustodial Ethereum WalletFor quite some time now its been well known that Gamestop was getting into the NFT space and that the gaming software retailer planned on releasing an NFT marketplace. At the end of March 2022 Gamestop explained it had partnered with the Ethereum L2 scaling project Loopring and noted the company would leverage Looprings ZKrollups.Now Gamestop has unveiled its noncustodial Web3 ethereum wallet that uses the ZKrollup tech for cheaper transactions. The wallet will allow gamers to store ingame NFTs but it also holds Ethereumbased crypto assets as well. Gamestop plans to launch the companys NFT marketplace in July and aims to give power to the players.Gamestop Wallet is a simple and secure way to get started with Web3. Use your GameStop Wallet to buy hold swap display and utilize Ethereumbased assets the wallets description says. Gamestop Wallet is a selfcustodial ethereum wallet meaning you are always in full control of your wallet and assets. Gamestops wallet summary further notesHarnessing the power of Looprings ZKrollup tech an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling protocol x2013 Gamestop gives you lowcost and fast transactions with Ethereum security opportunity and global reach. This allows you to reduce gas fees and network congestion while always remaining in control of your funds.Gamestops wallet is similar to Metamask and provides the user with a desktop version of the software. While the company worked with Loopring on the wallets technology the NFT marketplace will use Immutable X technology. Gamestop partnered with Immutable X on February 3 2021 and launched a 100 million NFT fund.Additionally the wallets privacy policy explains that the software does monitor the users data. Data collected includes contact and profile information display names email address profile biography Ethereum public address details and Twitter and Reddit usernames. An iOS version of Gamestops wallet is coming soon according to the website.What do you think about Gamestops ethereum wallet Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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