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The post SleeFi All You Need To Know About The Innovative and Ingenious SleeptoEarn Game appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideWith every passing day the crypto world receives new innovative and ingenious ideas that attract more users. Especially in playtoearn games which have quickly gained ground as a significant component of almost every metaverse you can know.nbspEach of these metaverses offers its unique crypto to reward players and gamers.nbspSleeFi is one such game. But it is not like most playtoearn games. It is a bit different.What is SleeFi How does it work and how does it differ from most playtoearn games Continue reading to find outnbspWhat is SleeFiSleeFi is a Web3 lifestyle app built around an essential daily activity for most people sleep. It is being developed as an innovative project which aims for the concept of sleep amp earn.In SleeFi users will equip themselves with nonfungible tokens in the form of a bed and then earn tokens that can be used in the game or traded or exchanged for profits.What differentiates SleeFi from other playtoearn games is that aside from the tokens youd earn from sleeping the game also helps improve your lifestyle.How does SleeFi workSleeFi works by allowing players to calculate their sleep every day and for this they earn tokens that are dependent on how much time they sleep and the quality of the sleep.To do this each player needs to hold a bed NFT which is of different types and has five unique attributes.A user cant just measure sleep anytime they want. It is done once a day and the energy used for measuring is restored after 20 hours after you start your measurement.The type of bed NFTs a user uses affects measurable sleep time and once a user is done sleeping they are rewarded in tokens after clicking on stop.To earn more tokens a player must wake at a time close to the wakeup time they set or have better quality sleep by using more quality beds. These two factors are crucial to gaining more tokens.What are SleeFi tokensSleeFi has two tokens. The SLFT and the SLGT.SLFTThis is the primary token of the game. It can be used by users to improve their NFTs bed NFTs and can be used for minting.nbspThe token is earned every day by playing the game and is rewarded after a player presses stop after sleeping.SLGTThis is the governance token of SleeFi. It can be earned from playing the games or having very high sleeping time and quality.SLGT token has several functions which range fromnbspIncreasing the level of players bed NFTsMinting NFTsTake part in the decisionmaking process of DOAGovernance.Getting started with SleeFiSleeFi unlike other playtoearn games is relatively easy to get started. It is easy to play and has many exciting features and rewards for you.SleeFi has a Decentralized Finance DeFi function that allows you to stake the SLFTs and SLGTs you earn for more rewards.nbspThere is also a Lucky Box from which you can earn more rewards and tokens.To enjoy the benefits of SleeFi use the following easy steps to get started.Download the SleeFi appnbspSignup for SleeFiCreate a new WalletnbspTransfer AVAX into your inapp WalletPurchase Bed NFTWith this you are ready to begin earning from SleeFi.nbspSleeFis RoadmapSleeFi App is not yet launched but according to their roadmap it will be launched in September 2022.nbspYou will be able to sleeptoearn soon on SleeFi so it is better to prepare for their revolutionary web3 app right now.SleeFi is now holding OG campaignSleeeFi is now holding an OG campaign and you will get a chance to obtain an OG role if you participate in their events.This exclusive role is the OG Role of the Community which will hold a maximum of 350 users. This role is only accessible to the most dedicated members of their community.nbspThe benefitsnbspOG will have a high possibility of being chosen as SleeFis Closed Beta player.OG can apply for the public sale earlierOG will have a possibility to get airdropsnbspOG get access to a specific discord channel where information will be shared earliernbspDo not miss this precious opportunityYou can joinnbsp SleeFi discord from here.Join SleeFi communitynbspOfficial Website httpssleefi.comennbspWhite Paper httpssleefi.gitbook.iowhitepapernbspTwitter httpstwitter.comSleeFiofficialTelegramannouncement httpst.meJoUIhyiTgflkYjA1nbsp

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An Australian baseball team the first to fully adopt a bitcoin standard is wellpositioned to be a bitcoin advocate in the sports world.Almost 100 years since the Globetrotters were formed in 1926 the Perth Heat Bitcoins baseball team from Australia is set to change sports forever but in a different way.Originally the Globetrotters played a huge role in the desegregation of professional basketball.

Theres no denying that cryptocurrencies are taking over the global financial industry. Millions of people use them on a daily basis and the field has grown tremendously especially in the past couple of years.A lot of blockchain API platforms have also appeared on the market as a way to cater to the needs of crypto users.One platform thats attempting to make strides in this field is Chaingateway.Wh

Following the rumors and speculation surrounding the crypto lending firm Celsius a Wall Street Journal report quoting people familiar with the matter explains that the company is reportedly hiring restructuring lawyers. Basically hiring restructuring and insolvency attorneys is one of the first stages of fixing a companys financial hardship by essentially attempting to avoid insolvency.13Report Sa

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Golem GLM is a global opensource decentralized network that aims to connect thousands of computers all over the world through its blockchain to build a distributed supercomputer.Founded in Switzerland in 2016 Golem is expected to become one of the most disruptive blockchain projects.State of Project Golem operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a lightweight anonymous and censorshipresistant pr

The publicly listed bitcoin miner Riot Blockchain has announced the company has started development on a 1 gigawatt GW bitcoin mining facility in Navarro County Texas. The development of 400 megawatts MW of capacity has been initiated on the 265acre site and the team hopes to have bitcoin mining and hosting capabilities online by next year.Riot Is Developing a 1 GW Bitcoin Mining Data Center Comp

The post Polkadot DOT Price Prediction 2022 Will The DOT Price Claim The 50 Target appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideIn the fastpaced world of cryptocurrencies a myriad of protocols have been taking the lead to emerge supreme over the others. Polkadot is one such prudent protocol which is leaving no stones unturned. The protocol aims to provide remarkabl

Asset management firm Grayscale has renewed efforts to gain permission from the US securities watchdog in converting the worlds largest crypto investment vehicle into an160exchangetraded fund. As per a letter sent to the regulator the asset manager is bolstering its application with the Securities and Exchange Commission to convert its 40 billion Bitcoin Trust into 8230

PRESS RELEASE 8211 Please Read DisclaimerSingaporebased game finance GameFii blockchain startup Ethlas announced on Feb. 15 that it has secured 2.7 million in seed funding from investors such as Sequoia Capital India Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia Global Blockchain Innovative Capital Venturra Capital Play It Forward DAO Blockchain Space and executives from Grab Coinbase and CoinMarketCap.The hit

Wirex a leader in the crypto sphere has expanded its ecosystem to enable 4.5 million users to access the popular Avalanche blockchain and tokens in the recently launched Wirex Wallet and awardwinning app.Wirex is available in over 120 countries including theUSA. It has been on a mission to enable everyone to access the benefits of crypto and DeFi and expanding support for Avalanche will accelerate

BlackRock has followed up its Coinbase partnership with its first institutional crypto investment product a private bitcoin trust that offers direct exposure to spot BTC price action.BlackRock has debuted its first investment product offering direct exposure to bitcoin according to a statement issued on Thursday August 12 2022.The product is a private bitcoin trust for institutional clients based

The War On Financial Privacy Is Escalating 2 years ago

The stakes have never been higher. The state is losing its grasp of control over the people and it is doubling down on utter incompetence and nefariousness.The below is a direct excerpt of Martys Bent Issue 1248 The privacy wars have escalated. Sign up for the newsletter here.The U.S. Treasury decided to come out of the woodwork and send a shot across the bow of the crypto industry yesterday by ad

Despite sinking to a record low level amidst a wider market crash earlier this year ADA whales appear optimistic about the crypto assets price.Lower Price Attracts AccumulationAccording to the crypto analytic platform Santiment Cardano whale addresses holding 1 million to 10 million ADA have been heavily accumulating over the past five weeks despite its price hovering near 15month low levels. Alto

Nomura Holdings one of the biggest wealth managers in Japan is setting up a new digital asset unit which will include cryptocurrencies and NFTs CoinJournal learned from a press release originally posted on their website.Capitalizing on increasing adoption of digital assetsNomura is reorganizing its Future Innovation Company into a newly founded Digital Company in the immediate future. Its main goa

Bitcoin has shed close to 20 of its market value over the last week. King coin underwent six consecutive weeks of bearish pressure. The coin has retested levels that it touched in August last year.Price had tried to briefly recover as BTC tried pushing the 32000 price level over the last 48 hours. Ever since Bitcoin breached the 37000 level it has been a free fall for the asset. Bitcoins alltime h

Members of the Merit Circle DAO community want to refund Yield Guilds seed investment claiming a lack of additional support.