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Date: 19 Jun 2022 - 22:00

The tools toys and games available to teach kids about sound money and the Bitcoin network after all theyre the ones who will use it.

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NFT Gaming is Most Popular in India (Report) 2 years ago

A recent study conducted by Finder estimated that 34 of the Indian respondents had played a playtoearn P2E game. Hong Kong 29 ranked second while the UAE held the third position with 27.India Leads the Way in the P2E UniverseFinders NFT Gaming Adoption Report determined that playtoearn games have become a highly popular niche for users around the globe. Specifically the results revealed that men u

The social media and discussion website Reddit has announced the launch of blockchainbacked collectible avatars. The collectible avatars are stored via the Polygon blockchain as the chain was chosen for its lowcost transactions and sustainability commitments.Reddits PolygonBacked Digital Avatars Will Soon Be Available to the General PublicOn July 7 2022 the staff at Reddit announced the launch of

The web3 ecosystem lost over 428.7 million to 39 exploits in the third quarter down 62.9 compared to over 1 billion lost in the same period of 2021. The Nomad Bridge and Wintermute hacks account for 79.85 350 million of all recorded losses.Leading Bug bounty firm Immunefi detailed in its Crypto Losses report that about 398.9 million was lost to 30 incidents of hacks. In comparison nine fraud ca

Gucci has ramped up its Web3 initiatives by allowing crypto nerds to purchase its products with ApeCoin in its stores adding to a list of 12 other digital assets it accepts for payment.

Celsius has managed to pay off several million dollars in debts after nearly filing for bankruptcy due to lack of liquidity raising all sorts of conjectures regarding the origin of its funds.On June 12 Simon Dixon CEO of the online investment communityBnkToTheFuture said during an interview with Anders Larsson on YouTube that Celsius lost 6 billion in liquidity assistance from potential investors

The post Ethereum Price Prediction Will Bulls take ETH Price to 10k in 2022 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideEthereum continues to hold its crown as the secondlargest cryptocurrency. The digital asset is now the talk of the cryptoverse as the protocol is expected to merge with ETH 2.0. Which will counter the limitations of Ethereums blockchain technolog

Read in the DigestBitcoin falls to 1922k range as cryptos correct ahead of interest rate hike.Voyager Digital rejects FTX buyout offer calling it a 8220lowball bid.8221Hacker steals 6 million from Web 3.0 music streaming platform Audius.KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu clears the air denying recent insolvency rumors.Barclays acquires a Stake in 2 billion cryptocurrency firm Copper.Bitcoin Falls Back to 1922k

Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk expects a global recession to last until the spring of 2024. Musk added that his two companies are in good positions but many others are not. 8220Recessions do have a silver lining in that companies that shouldnt exist stop existing8221 the Tesla boss said.Elon Musk on Global RecessionTesla CEO Elon Musk shared his thoughts about a global recession in a Twitter threa

Just a week after the celebration of the Independence Day of El Salvador the cryptoloving president Nayib Bukele appeared on Fox News and gave a powerful speech at the United Nations. The appearance of Nayib Bukele on Fox News got a mixed reception on Twitter as the crowd is pleased to see significant crime reduction while some blame Bukele for alleged authoritarian ways of ruling. In a nutshell t

PRESS RELEASE. Zug June 08 2022 As markets continue to tumble Arrakis Finance a yet relatively unknown tokenless project just reached a new milestone a total value locked of 1 billion.DeFi TVL overall fell from 224B on April 1 to 109B on May 30 dipping by 51. While nearly all major DeFi projects and platforms have suffered losses in TVL Arrakis Finance has amassed 1 billion TVL and is closing i

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies investors from all over the world are looking to buy the best new cryptocurrency assets in 2022. This guide reviews the 6 best new cryptos to buy in Australia in 2022.Top 6 New Cryptocurrency Australia to Buy 2022Tamadoge 8211 Best New Crypto to Buy in Australia in 2022Battle Infinity 8211 Top New P2E Platform to invest in AustraliaLucky Block 8211 N

NFT creators and marketplaces have been targeted by the SEC for conducting illegal activity in a new wave of regulatory action against unregistered securities.

Bitcoin Mining Council BMC recently announced the results from its quarter fourth survey highlighting how Bitcoin mining is steadily adopting sustainable power usage. As per the latest Q4 survey report the percentage of the global Bitcoin mining industry deploying renewable resources to mine Bitcoin has increased from 1 to a notable 58.5.Sustainable Bitcoin miningThe survey conducted by BMC consid

Binance Holdings Ltd. the worlds biggest centralized crypto exchange by trading volume is in talks with authorities in Dubai over a license to operate in the Gulf citystate. If granted the license would help the company to further bolster its operations in the Middle East a person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.Binance the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume has alrea

The post Celsius Network is Deeply Insolvent Reports appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideThe Department of Financial Regulation DFR of the American state of Vermont said that cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network is 8220deeply insolvent8221 stating that the lender lacks the resources and liquidity to fulfill its duties to account holders and other creditor