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Date: 22 Jun 2022 - 12:09

Ethereum wunderkind Vitalik Buterin has once again harshly criticized the contentious bitcoin stocktoflow S2F model created by pseudonymous Dutch quant analyst PlanB.Buterin described the model as harmful and said that such flawed financial models deserve all the mockery they get.Vitalik Savages Now Invalidated StocktoFlow ModelVitalik Buterin has lambasted the bitcoin S2F model that has now gone off course after achieving viral popularity during the 2021 bull run.Quote tweeting ethereum educator and cofounder of Ethhub Anthony Sassano who called the stocktoflow pricing model an epic failure Buterin noted that its really not looking good now. He added that financial models that give people a false sense of certainty and predestination that numberwillgoup are harmful and deserve all the mockery they get.Stocktoflow is really not looking good now.I know it39s impolite to gloat and all that but I think financial models that give people a false sense of certainty and predestination that numberwillgoup are harmful and deserve all the mockery they get. httpst.cohOzHjVb1oq pic.twitter.comglMKQDfSbUmdash vitalik.eth VitalikButerin June 21 2022The S2F model predicts massive future bitcoin price gains based on the assumption that the scarcity of the crypto should drive value. It argues that the price of the benchmark cryptocurrency will continue on a steady uptrend with roughly tenfold returns quadrennially. Based on the model bitcoin is expected to reach and exceed 288000 by as early as December 2024.However it became invalidated at the end of 2021 after the forecasted target of 100000 failed to come to fruition.The Ethereum cofounder previously took aim at the S2F flow model contending that the theory that bitcoin halvings where the number of bitcoins entering the market with every new block gets slashed by half lead to the bitcoin price skyrocketing is unfalsifiable.The overly optimistic model currently suggests BTC should be changing hands within the range of 100K to 110K. However the crypto is wobbling around 21000 after last weeks brutal correction further discrediting the popular valuation model.BTCUSD Chart by TradingViewPlanB Responds To Vitaliks CriticismAfter heavy criticism analyst PlanB doubled down and developed an iteration of his stocktoflow model. Notably these adjustments have failed to convince skeptics.Responding to Buterins comments PlanB postulated that the market downturn made people hunt for scapegoats for their failed projects or wrong investment decisions.In his opinion not only those new to the crypto market but also the leaders fall victim to blaming others and playing the victim. Remember those who blame others and those who stand strong after a crash the financial analyst summarized.Perhaps unsurprisingly PlanB boasts that the original S2F model had a good run from March 2019 to March 2022. One is tempted to ask Is the model still reliable for investors According to PlanB either BTC is extremely undervalued and will bounce back soon or S2F will be less useful in the future.

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Although it hasnt been easy the crypto market has been on its recovery journey since midJuly. There have been some rallies that didnt last long followed by extended periods of pullbacks that caused more panic. So no one can say what direction to expect in the short term.But while some tokens struggle to remain afloat others seem to be making positive leaps. For instance the ANKR price movement in

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The Kingdom of Morocco is the leader for Bitcoin trading across North Africa in 2021 despite its illegal status.

The trademark application comes months after filing a lawsuit against NFT project MetaBirkins for allegedly using its Birkin brand to sell digital collectibles.

The new policy change aims to mitigate risks arising from digital currency fundraising and the absorption of funds from the public.

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Anthony Scaramucci predicts that the next presidential candidacy will be procrypto and that a Bitcoin ETF will happen by the end of 2022 given recent developments on Capitol Hill.

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The decentralized currency has in just a bit longer than a decade risen to the potential of becoming the worlds system of value.On Halloween 2008 a month and a half after the Lehman Brothers spectacular collapse Bitcoin started the monetary revolution were now seeing. Bitcoin showed that with technology different monetary arrangements are possible Money doesnt need to be controlled by a government

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Silvergate Capital issued a statement to inform the public of its exposure to FTX and its related entities.The provider of financial infrastructure solutions to the digital asset industry adds to the mass of companies declaring their FTX exposure in a bid to reassure interested parties.Silvergate Provides Statement on FTX Exposure httpst.coqfxSFXnCsWmdash Silvergate Bank silvergatebank November 11