2 years ago
Date: 29 Jan 2022 - 15:00

Frog Nation a network of DeFi projects was recently hit by a shocking revelation when popular onchain analyst zachxbt revealed in a Twitter thread that 0xSifu the CFO of Frog Nation is in fact the cofounder of QuadrigaCX Michael Patryn that defrauded investors to the tune of staggering 190 million. The news sent the Frog 8230

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
39997.79 $ 0 % 760.32 Billion $
3001.33 $ 0 % 360.05 Billion $
1.001 $ 0 % 82.65 Billion $
398.86 $ 0 % 59.29 Billion $
1.004 $ 0 % 50.96 Billion $
101.49 $ 0 % 33.28 Billion $
0.122 $ 0 % 31.52 Billion $
0.7024 $ 0 % 30.96 Billion $
82.96 $ 0 % 29.44 Billion $
0.9455 $ 0 % 29.42 Billion $

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The market price of bitcoin stayed pretty much flat for most of the first week in April. But as the U.S. Federal Reserve signaled higher and faster interest rate hikes and quantitative tightening of its 9 trillion balance sheet the general market took a turn downwards and bitcoin BTC went down with it as the premier cryptocurrency by market cap has a hard time getting away from the correlation wit

The field of nonfungible tokens continues to boom and new projects are popping daily. One trader however shares how he turned 2K in almost 500K filliping NFTs without bothering with tedious whitelists and fresh mints. Heres the story of how he did it.The NFT Game Its Not Always a GetRichQuick SchemeMany of those whore stepping into the world of nonfungible tokens NFTs are immediately flabbergasted

The Financial Conduct Authority has revealed it opened over 300 cases into possible cryptorelated scams in the last six months.

Cryptocurrency adoption across the globe has been moving slower than most would like but there is no doubt that there has been a lot being done so far. It started with El Salvadors adoption of bitcoin as a legal tender and it has spiraled from there. One thing that is yet to be done is a cryptocurrency backed by a nation. While other countries have gone the path of the Central Bank Digital Currenc

The post Standard Crypto Regulations Is The Need Of The Hour Claims US Treasury appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideAs cryptocurrencies become one of the significant sources of investments the need for crypto regulations gets more important to curb fraudulent activities.The US Treasury is of the similar opinion that the US and its associates should work to

The post Bitcoin Set to Drop to 30K Soon Heres What Trades Should Do appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideAs Bitcoin languishes under 40000 over the Easter weekend the precious metal is taking the show.Bitcoin BTC is due for a relief bounce but it still faces a collapse to 30000 before May.On April 18 BTCUSD was hovering at 39000 as gloomy forecasts for the

An increasingly rare bull signal for investors comes after both the Mayer Multiple and Bitcoin price shed 50 versus November 2021.

I feel like all Irsquove written in the last couple weeks has been about Russia invading Ukraine and the impact on the markets. Obviously it has been quite sombre. But today there was some good news albeit a bit trivial on a larger scale. Still itrsquos a nice change.Publicity StuntKraken announced they are to donate Bitcoin to all Ukrainian accounts registered prior to March 9 2022. At first I as

The post Virtual Real Estate 8211 Top 5 NFT Launching in 2022 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideIt hasnt been long since the term metaverse came to the mainstream. The industry is still in its infancy. Due to the massive potential of the immersive virtual world tech entrepreneurs and investors are joining forces to bring it into action.nbspIf you dont ha

CoinStats Giveaway Winners Announcement 2 years ago

Congratulations to all the winners that snatched their share from our holiday giveaway prize poolWe want to thank everybody who participated in the CoinStats Holiday giveaway. We were super excited to see such a high interest in the giveaway from the community and it motivated us to work harder come up with new giveaways and eventually make this an alwayson thing on our social media.This time arou

Someone is buying the dip with conviction as the start of Wall Street trading drags the market lower.

On Nov. 11 amid the confusion concerning troubled crypto companies like FTX and Blockfi 3500 x2018sleeping bitcoins from a wallet created on Oct. 7 2011 moved for the first time in over 11 years. 1360 Million Worth of 11YearOld Bitcoins Move Amid the Crypto Market Rout13A large string of socalled x2018sleeping bitcoins moved on Friday morning ET after remaining idle for more than 11 years. The 350

Payment giant Stripe has brought back crypto support after it stopped processing bitcoin payments four years ago. The company now says Our optimism for the future of crypto was not unfounded x2026 Crypto is going mainstream.Stripe Brings Back Crypto SupportPayment giant Stripe has reentered the crypto space after four years with the launch of a suite of products to support crypto businesses.Stripe

After reaching a high of 2030 on August 14 Ethereums price began a corrective wave forming a descending channel 8211 as shown in blue on the following chart.The bottom of this channel combined with the 200week moving average line in yellow acted as support and prevented the price from dropping further. This resulted in the development of a local low at 1220.A bullish wave towards the channels top

The general type of people Binance Australia has flagged as vulnerable users are the elderly people that live in remote areas or those with disabilities.