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Visa has now partnered with more than 65 crypto platforms and exchanges. In addition the payments giant revealed that cryptolinked card usage exceeded 2.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter which is already 70 of the payments volume for all of fiscal 2021.Visa Outlines Crypto Strategy and AchievementsVisa Inc. discussed its crypto strategy and achievements during the companys earnings call Thursday. Visa CEO Al Kelly said Many current trends in payments including x2026 crypto and wallets are enabling new ways to pay. These represent opportunities for Visa.Regarding his companys efforts in the crypto space the executive highlightedWere also providing onramps for crypto players creating connectivity with fiat economies. There are over 65 crypto platforms and exchanges that have partnered to issue Visa credentials.Recently News reported that consumers will be able to spend cryptocurrency at 80 million merchants using cryptolinked Visa cards. However CEO Kelly said during the call that the actual number is closer to 100 merchants.The Visa boss also revealed This quarter Visa credentials and crypto wallets had more than 2.5 billion in payments volume which is already 70 of the payments volume for all of fiscal 2021.In July Visa said that cryptolinked card usage reached 1 billion for the first six months of 2021.Furthermore the Visa CEO detailed In addition to embedding credentials and crypto platforms we continue to innovate around our settlement and crypto API capabilities elaboratingWe will continue to lean into the crypto space. And our strategy is to be a key partner to provide the connectivity scale consumer value propositions reliability and security that is needed for crypto offerings to grow.Kelly also mentioned his companys recently launched specialized global advisory practice for cryptocurrency. Meanwhile Visa currently has no plans to hold crypto on its balance sheet.Visa CFO Vasant Prabhu told CNBC in an interview FridayWeve seen this payment volume continue to grow despite volatility in the crypto markets.What do you think about Visas efforts in the crypto space Let us know in the comments section below.

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Crypto exchanges are differentiating themselves through proprietary featuresand placing their frontend in the hands of TradingViews trusted service.

The demand for blockchain technology is rapidly spreading across all industries and it has already been integrated into the fashion sports gaming and even music industries. For the most part blockchain technology has been extensively used to develop a decentralized peertopeer financial system DeFi that promotes decentralization and transparency in financial transactions. Without a doubt blockchain

After LUNA crashed cryptocurrency is bound to go through a long bear period. As BTC and ETH plunge for days the assets that crypto investors hold in their wallets rapidly depreciate. Many crypto users have had no choice but to remain inactive as they wait for the next bull. Meanwhile veteran investors have already started to profit from the bearish market conditions. For them the sluggish market r

US Attorney Dena J. King announced that law enforcement seized 547000 worth of bitcoin from a criminal who conned an elderly person last year. The officials will return all funds to the victim.Cracking Down a Crypto ScamIn its latest efforts to fight fraudulent activities involving cryptocurrencies American officials confiscated more than 500000 in bitcoin from a criminal. The latter drained the f

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When digital assets started plummeting after the market crash in May 2022 many critics predicted that cryptocurrencies and NFTs were bound to be doomed. However digital assets have proven doomsday predictions wrong by showing remarkable resilience in the face of negativity. Interestingly several new projects have come up to add to digital assets excitement and infinite opportunity. One such projec

Timing remains a critical element of investment and cryptocurrencies are naturally more time sensitive than traditional investments they are also more profitable. Being early pays.A new protocol Oryen Network ORY leads to a new standard for passive income in DeFi and has the potential to experience gains like Lido DAO LDO and SushiSwap SUSHI in the early days.Oryen Network ORYOryen pays a fixed 90

Bitcoin miners are the next level of power projection as they reinforce an incorruptible network that cannot be usurped by a single entity.This is an opinion editorial by Jaime Gutierrez a bitcoin financial strategist and founder of Bitcoin Embassy on YouTube.This article is part of a series written by Jaime Gutierrez entitled The Influence Of The U.S. In Central America Then And Today.The militar

The blockchain company has been pushing hard into the CBDC space since piloting its CBDC Private Ledger aimed at central banks in March 2021.

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Coinbase a leading U.S.based cryptocurrency exchange is reportedly close to acquiring 2TM the unicorn company that owns Mercado Bitcoin the biggest crypto exchange in Latin America Latam. The exchange has reportedly been in talks to acquire the company since last year and the deal could be closed in April according to local media seeing Coinbase expand its operations to Brazil.13Coinbase Targets E

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The government of Finland is discussing supporting Ukraine with part of the money from the liquidation of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency seized in crime investigations. Finnish authorities want to sell the bitcoins soon and say they couldnt come up with a better idea for the proceeds.Finland Selects Brokers to Sell 75 Million of Confiscated CryptoAuthorities in Helsinki have recently

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