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The post Mexican Senator Introduces Bill to Make Bitcoin a Legal Tender appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideMexican Senator Indira Kempis proposed a bill in the assemble to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country. The reason given by the senator is that it will bridge the gap between access to financial products and education for the Mexican citizens.nbspAlthough Kempis had presented two proposals for law change in assembly in April 2021 but none of them mentioned Bitcoin or any other decentralized digital assets. The Central Bank of Mexico has been against the introduction of Bitcoin in the financial system of the country.nbspEl Salvador was the country to make Bitcoin a part of their financial system the same is being done in Mexico. The proposed bill seeks to make Bitcoin as legal tender so that it can help change the financial literacy of many citizens.nbspAccording to the proposal approximately 56 percent of Mexican population do not have access to bank accounts. This means that more than 67 million people still have no access to one of the basic financial instruments. Approximately 68 percent of the citizens have no financial education.However the proposed bill clashes with the set course of the government and Central Bank of Mexico. The Central bank in January had announces that they are working on creation of a digital peso its own Central bank digital currency CBDC and it was expected to start circulation from 2024 to aid Mexicans and their financial inclusion issues.

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Stellar XLM has been pushing more into DeFi in recent weeks and this could have a positive impact on its price outlook. The coin has also been surging in recent weeks. How will the focus on DeFi affect XLM More to follow below but here are some facts for youXLM has been up to over 15 over the last 7 days.The chain has been making major moves into DeFi in recent times.The 7day rally will continue a

Web 3 Data Union Swash is aiming to kickstart its eponymous DAO and boost uptake of its native SWASH token commencing this month. The DAO Ignition campaign will get rolling on February 15 giving participants the opportunity to influence the direction of the gamechanging data ownership platform moving forward.Thats not the only incentive though there will also be a grand prize up for grabs with Swa

A week after Litecoin activated the longanticipated MimbleWimble Extension Blocks MWEB upgrade blockchain analytics firm Elliptic announced adding support for the privacy feature of the cryptocurrency.EllipticLitecoin MWEBAs per the official announcement the move will allow regulated businesses to continue to support Litecoin transactions while remaining compliant with antimoney laundering AML reg

Kakao Piccoma 8211 a Japanese subsidiary of South Koreas mobile app operator Kakao Corporation 8211 reportedly acquired a controlling stake in the crypto platform Sakura Exchange Bitcoin. Through this move Kakao intends to utilize blockchain technology and Web3 in its future operations.According to a recent report by Business Korea Kakao Piccoma purchased more than 50 stake in Sakura Exchange Bitc

LimeWire was a free P2P file sharing platformusedby over 50 million people monthly. The site founded in 2000 functioned for ten years before it got shut down by federal court after a fouryear battle with the Recording Industry Association of America.Last year Austrian brothers Julian and Paul Zehetmayr bought the rights to LimeWires name and are planning to adapt it to the next generation of the i

The post Institutions Heavily Dump on Bitcoin Since the May Crash 038 May Keep the BTC Price Lower for a Long Time appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideBitcoin price seems to have gained immense strength in recent times and is also primed to rise beyond 25000. However according to a report BTC prices were severely dropped as the Institutions and Whales cons

The cryptocurrency market has continued its poor start to the week losing more than 6 of its value in the last 24 hours.nbspThe crypto market has been performing poorly since the start of the week. The market has lost nearly 7 of its value in the last 24 hours and the total market cap now stands above the 1.3 trillion mark.The market has lost over 100 billion over the past few hours with LUNArsquo

The crypto bloodbath has left thousands of traders in a bad way. A rapid decrease in price has seen more than 240000 traders rekt in the span of 24 hours. As the downtrend continues more investors are added to the long line of losers most of which have been long traders. As it stands there are now almost a billion dollars that have been liquidated in the market so far and this number continues to

Tesla CEO wrote a tweet for his followers and that ended up in huge confusion for the whole space.Elon Musk is CEO of SpaceX and Car producer company Tesla. Besides the tech business Teslas CEO is popular as a supporter in this crypto industry for Bitcoin Ethereum and Dogecoin. However the birth of Dogecoin was based on fun but still Elon supported this coin as the best coin in terms of payment op

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC has warned about romance scams using cryptocurrency. Scammers use romance as a hook to lure people into bogus investments especially crypto the federal agency explained. 2021 numbers are nearly five times those reported in 2020 and more than 25 times those reported in 2019 said the FTC.FTC Warns About Crypto Romance ScamsThe U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC i

The post Solana Price Prediction Will SOL Price Surge To 400 By The End Of 2022 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuidenbspSolana with its euphoric run in the past is under active consideration of investors and traders. The price of SOL is presently up 563.3 over the year which comes despite the limitations and network congestions. However a steady downfall h

Terras death spiral resulted in the mispricing of LUNA tokens on the popular cryptocurrency exchange. Traders arent happy with the compensation.

The two entities seek to enhance the integration of innovative Web 3.0 technologies in everyday use.

Binance CEO CZ Zhao does not think anyone selling or buying Bitcoin can fundamentally impact the asset 8211 even including Tesla CEO Elon Musk. To demonstrate his faith in the primary cryptocurrency CZ said he is still holding most of the coins he bought when he just entered the industry.On Teslas Bitcoin DumpCommenting on Tesla offloading 75 of its bitcoin holdings the Binance boss took it in a v

The company said that the project is set to utilize the Polygon MATIC blockchain for decentralized trading and thirdparty sales.