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Read in the DigestBitcoin falls to 1922k range as cryptos correct ahead of interest rate hike.Voyager Digital rejects FTX buyout offer calling it a 8220lowball bid.8221Hacker steals 6 million from Web 3.0 music streaming platform Audius.KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu clears the air denying recent insolvency rumors.Barclays acquires a Stake in 2 billion cryptocurrency firm Copper.Bitcoin Falls Back to 1922k Range as Cryptos Correct Ahead of Interest Rate HikeBitcoin along with the wider crypto market has continued to correct after a week of gains that saw the worlds leading crypto top 24k for the first time in 6 weeks. Dropping by 8 over the last 3 days Bitcoin has returned to the 1922k range.The 3 day price chart for Bitcoin BTC. Source CoinMarketCapThe broader crypto market also suffered a selloff with Altcoins experiencing even steeper losses. In the last 3 days Ethereum ETH Solana SOL and Avalanche AVA have lost 9 11 and 12 respectively.The ongoing selloff was largely triggered by rising fears ahead of an expected Federal Reserve interestrate hike. The Fed is expected to increase its interest rates by 0.75 points for the second consecutive month.The previous interest rate hikes led to significant declines in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptos. With Bitcoin continuing to move in tandem with tech stocks the poor earnings of such stocks stand to play a pivotal role in any possible downtrend.FlipsiderRegardless of the incoming interest rate hike many analysts continue to believe that the worst of Bitcoins suffering is over after its 53 plunge this year.Why You Should CareThe crypto markets are at risk of another round of selloffs with the Fed rate hike. However holding out above this level could mean that cryptos have finally bottomed out as some analysts have suggested.Voyager Digital Rejects FTX Buyout Offer Calling It a 8220LowBall Bid.8221Legal representatives of bankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital have rejected the buyout offer proposed by Sam BankmanFried FTX and Alameda claiming it was a 8220lowball bid dressed up as a white knight rescue8221 further adding that it benefitted only FTX.FTX submitted a public proposal on July 22nd indicating its willingness to buy Voyagers remaining digital assets and loans excluding its 650 million exposure to Three Arrows Capital.The proposal would allow Voyager customers to receive their claims by signing up for an FTX account. Voyagers lawyers reacted to the proposal in documents filed to bankruptcy court in the Southern District of New York on Sunday July 24th.The lawyers said that the firm is willing to entertain any 8220serious proposal8221 under the 8216Bidding Procedures. They further asserted that the AlamedaFTX proposal was designed to 8220generate publicity8221 rather than provide any value for Voyagers customers.FlipsiderIn response to the court filing FTX CEO Sam BankmanFried took to Twitter to explain the firms fate saying it could end up like Mt.GOX.Why You Should CareVoyager lawyers claim that the rescue deal would destroy the platforms own VGX token worth approximately 100 million at the time of writing. As a result they believe that 8220no customer will be made whole8221 under the FTX proposal.Hacker Steals 6 Million from Web 3.0 Music Streaming Platform AudiusWeb 3.0 music streaming protocol Audius has suffered an exploit with the hacker siphoning 18 million AUDIO tokens worth over 6.3 million from the platforms decentralized governance system.In a blog post reporting the attack Audius wrote that the 8220governance staking and delegation contracts on the Ethereum mainnet were compromised due to a bug in the contract initialization code that allowed repeated invocations of the initialize functions.8221According to an update shared by spreekaway the hacker used a malicious proposal requesting the transfer of 18 million AUDIO tokens but made themself the sole guardian of the contract thus enabling them to transfer the funds out of the treasury account.Audius reacted by halting all Audius smart contracts and movement of AUDIO tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to avoid further losses. Audius has since reported that the root cause of the exploit has been mitigated and cannot be reexploited.FlipsiderAlthough the hacker stole governance tokens worth over 6 million from the treasury they effectively sold the 18 million AUDIO for only 1.08 million via a series of transfers.Why You Should CareAudius holds its community treasury fund separate from the foundation treasury a decision which kept the remaining funds safe from exploitation.KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu Clears the Air Denying Recent Insolvency RumorsAmidst a wave of crypto firm bankruptcy filings Johnny Lyu the CEO of KuCoin has dispelled rumors that the crypto exchange is going insolvent and could freeze withdrawals in days to come.The rumors emanated from a nowdeleted Twitter account named 8220Otteroooo8221 that had tweeted about developments in the Centralized Finance CeFi ecosystem claiming insider information about the ongoing struggles of the exchange.Per the whistle blowing on KuCoin on Saturday July 23rd Otterroooo claimed that the crypto exchange may not have sufficient funds to meet customer redemptions due to its exposure to the Terraform Labs ecosystem tokens Terra Classic LUNC and wrapped Luna wLUNC.Following the speculation Johnny Lyu spoke out in a blog post providing evidence of conversations between himself and Otteroooo that the only exposure that KuCoin has to the LUNA ecosystem tokens is the trading options offered for LUNC coins. The CEO further clarified that most of the funds in KuCoins wallets belonged to the users not the exchange.FlipsiderKuCoin announced that the exchange had raised 10 million in a new funding round to facilitate the expansion of its product lineup and prepare for 8220the next bull run.8221Why You Should CareThe adverse effect of Terras collapse on firms like Celsius Network Voyager Digital and Three Arrows has left investors particularly sensitive to insolvencyrelated news.Barclays Acquires a Stake in 2 Billion Cryptocurrency Firm CopperBritish banking giant Barclays has reportedly bought a stake in Copper the 2 billion valued crypto firm that provides custody prime brokerage and settlement services for more than 450 cryptoassets across 45 exchanges.Barclays is said to have invested an 8220undisclosed amount8221 in Coppers Series C funding round. The amount which is said to run into the 8220millions of dollars8221 will be finalized in the coming days.Copper has former chancellor of the UK Lord Hammond as one of its advisers and has raised funds from LocalGlobe Dawn Capital and MMC Ventures. Coppers latest Series C funding round comes after an attempt to raise 500 million in November 2021.The funding round was postponed at the time due to the expiration of Coppers temporary regulatory registration from the UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA.FlipsiderThe crypto market crash has dropped Coppers valuation from its targeted 3 billion to its current speculated value of 2 billion.Why You Should CareThe investment from Barclays comes in the wake of the United Kingdom laying out its intention to grow its crypto sector by instituting more amenable rules.

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The European Commission disagrees with some provisions in the crypto regulatory proposal approved recently by the European Parliament. The executive arm in Brussels is unhappy with certain antimoney laundering measures according to a media report quoting unofficial correspondence.European Commission Working on Compromise Proposal for EU Crypto RulesEuropes upcoming Markets in Crypto Assets MiCA le

In a recent interview Brett Harrison who is President of FTX.US explained why he believes that crypto winter may be over soon. During an interview with Emily Chang the anchor of daily show Bloomberg Technology Harrison was asked about a recent deal between Coinbase and BlackRock which is the worlds top asset management firm by

The government is still reportedly considering how to implement crypto taxes but legislation passed in response to the pandemic laid the groundwork.

Ethereum wunderkind Vitalik Buterin has once again harshly criticized the contentious bitcoin stocktoflow S2F model created by pseudonymous Dutch quant analyst PlanB.Buterin described the model as harmful and said that such flawed financial models deserve all the mockery they get.Vitalik Savages Now Invalidated StocktoFlow ModelVitalik Buterin has lambasted the bitcoin S2F model that has now gone

Bitcoin and other altcoins have suffered massive losses since May. But after a point things started changing a bit. For example bitcoin that fell to 17K on June 18 recovered to trade between 20K and 21K from June 19 to June 28 when it traded above 21K in the early hours of the day.Unfortunately the crypto could not sustain the recovery above 21K and lost more than 500 some hours later. The change

While Miamis mayor Francis Suarez told the public he was a big believer in bitcoin and has accepted his pay in bitcoin at the same time a crypto coin called miamicoin MIA was launched. The Miamicoin projects goal was to give Miamis citizens and supporters the power to support improve and program the Magic City. However after reaching 0.05 per unit on September 20 2021 the crypto asset miamicoin ha

The post Caution Traders Bitcoin BTC Price To Suffer Another Pullback Prior To 43k This Weekend appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideThe cryptospheres yearn for a bull run now finds possibilities as the industry tends to recover from its setbacks. Wherefore investors now eye on the star crypto Bitcoin in hope of it retracing its path to the bulls. Successiv

Can Polkadot DOT hold on to dear life as its price nosedived by 4 on the daily charts right after it peaked at 8.84 The 8 support line is seen as a critical zone for the coin especially with the prevailing seller pressure going on.DOT is seen to go downhill or can plunge to 6 in the coming days. On the brighter side the tokens price is generally bullish as shown in the extended increase which prop

OKB the utility token issued by OKX formerly OKEx is the bestperforming top 100 crypto of the week gaining 2.1 in a catastrophic market.OKX announced that it had burnt an equivalent of 68 million in OKB reducing the supply of the token.The exchange has also integrated Avalanche AVAX into its NFT marketplace now supporting six different chains.Brazilian OKX users can now purchase the Brazilian real

PRESS RELEASE. Auditchain will deploy its Pacioli validating node staking contracts to Polygon Mainnet on 7 March 2022 as it prepares to decentralize the 600 Billion global accounting assurance and reporting services industry.Auditchain Labs AG the developer of the worlds first decentralized accounting financial reporting audit and analysis virtual machine for assurance and

To many Web 3.0 can be intimidating to enter. GLink makes blockchain mobile gaming accessible and brings Web 2.0 gamers into Web 3.0 through fun F2P P2E games. Nascent potential for P2E gamingOnce a golden investment opportunity the traditional gaming industry has slowed down and become crowded. Meanwhile blockchain gaming is a sunrise industry with exponential growth potential. The revenue from g

Homespace Metaverse a communitydriven social platform is presenting the first futuristic metaverse that offers users a better reality that is fully democratic with decentralized services.The team behind Homespace is reportedly working on laying the foundations for a virtual platform that allows users to add real value to owning NFT art assets. Homespaces primary goal is to enable users to create a

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy bought 301 Bitcoins for 6 million at an average price of 19851 per BTC according to a Sept. 20 filing.According to the filing it made this purchase between Aug. 2 and Sept. 19.MicroStrategy now holds approximately 130000 BTC purchased for roughly 3.8 billion.Based on its recent purchase MicroStrategy holds almost 10x more BTC than the nearest public company

Luxury brands are aware of the historic significance of the current voyage into new virtual dimensions. Designers and creators are now leveraging emerging technologies to help us accessorize the Metaverse starting with luxury AR wearable NFTs.

Fantom FTM has been moving on a brisk bullish pace at a particular range for four months now following a sharp descent in May.FTM price is up 2.21Token moving bullish but has slipped midrange in the past couple of daysBears poised to dominate buying spree not advisable at this pointHowever it seems the price has abated and moved below the ranges midpoint as seen in the past couple of days. FTM is