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Date: 28 Jul 2022 - 18:51

Bitcoin and Ethereum are pumping after the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released its official GDP data for Q2 2022. The data shows that real GDP decreased by 0.9 year over year marking the nations second consecutive quarter of negative GDP growth.Bitcoin traded for about 22700 prior to the bureaus release at 0830 EST. Meanwhile Ethereum traded for about 1630.Both coins then began to climb over the following hours with Bitcoin reaching back to 21114 at about 1153 and Ethereum hitting 1754 at the same time. Each has since pulled back to 23800 and 1720 respectively at writing time.Ethereums rise is compiled with newfound enthusiasm over its upcoming Merge upgrade which will take its consensus mechanism from proof of work to proof of stake.The pump follows a fairly bullish reaction to the Federal Reserves 75 basis point rate hike on Wednesday which has normally been viewed as bearish for crypto and stocks.By many countries definitions and common measurements two consecutive quarters of negative GDP means a nation has technically entered recession. However the White House denies that the U.S. economy has entered such a state claiming that recessions are determined by a more holistic look at the data.When asked at a press conference on Wednesday Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated that he did not believe the economy was in a recession. However he claimed that it is softening.

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Render Token RNDR has been a star performer in crypto over the last week or so. In fact the coin has been outperforming the market surging above most coins that appear to be recovering slowly from the January slump. But the coin saw immense selling pressure today tanking by nearly 15. Here are some highlightsAt press time Render Token RNDR was trading at 3.27 down by 15 in the last 24 hours.Despit

European Securities and Markets Authority ESMA Chair Verena Ross says that the crypto market crash should be a cautionary lesson for investors. She noted that there is a real question about whether many crypto assets will survive.ESMA Chair on Crypto Risks and RegulationVerena Ross chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority ESMA has cautioned investors about cryptocurrency investing af

Dejavu for BTC versus market sentiment as conditions mimic the weeks after the March 2020 COVID19 crash.

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In this video well learn about a core component that defines Web3 blockchain nodes. A node is one of the many computers that power a decentralized network like Ethereum. Learn about the different types of nodes and why theyre part of the core infrastructure that make Web3 possible. Visit today to start building. Written by Clarissa Watson Senior Tech Writer at ConsenSys.

The group added it would consider the benefits and challenges of granting the DAO legal status in Japan citing the state of Wyoming approving similar legislation in July 2021.

Embattled crypto lender Celsius which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July filed new documents in court on Aug. 14 detailing its budget for August through October.According to court documents Celsius expects its net cash flow to turn negative to the tune of 137.21 million in the three months ending in October.Huge operating expenses which add up to 85.37 million for the period are the major con

PRESS RELEASE. CryptoDATA Tech the Xiden blockchain developer and MotoGP Austrian Grand Prixs title sponsor until 2024 is joining a new project that provides highly soughtafter safeguards for crypto users. CryptoDATA Tech is partnering with Martoms Brothers Co and several reinsurance companies to create a mutual guarantee fund that will provide safety for any crypto user and project that chooses

The leading NFT game announced an update that would effectively slash the creation of its native Smooth Love Potion tokens by 56.

The firm may be caught short in the event that markets have already bottomed and crypto starts to deliver serious returns again.

Russias most feared darknet market Hydra and a cryptocurrency exchange Garantex associated with ransomware activities are soon to be sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasurys Office of Foreign Assets Control as per an announcement. In a press release published on the Treasury Departments website Secretary Janet Yellen said the sanctions against Hydra 8230

A recent ECB report says stablecoins are not practical as a mode of payment and their current form isnt fit for use in the real economy.

Binanace is backing Elon Musks Twitter takeover bid along with Sequoia a16z Fidelity Qatar and Larry Ellison.

The university reluctantly paid 200000 in Bitcoin in December 2019 to avoid losing critical research data and resources.

The Cronos Accelerator Program is backed by 100 million to help crypto projects in seedpreseed stages seeking mentorship funding and growth.

In an interview with Foreign Policy IMFs managing directors Kristalina Georgieva and Gita Gopinath shared their views on the impact Russias war on Ukraine has on the financial market.The two women holding the top two positions at the International Monetary Fund agree that the impact can already be felt but it will take another few months before the global market experiences the full force of the c