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The Ethereum upgrade formerly Ethereum 2.0 or Eth2 is one of the most anticipated upgrades in the world of blockchain technology and Ethereum investors cannot wait.While the Eth2 name stuck the Ethereum Foundation itself changed the terminology. Today you would simply refer to it as the consensus layer that operates on the original blockchain.The upgrade which will be rolled out in several phases is intended to make the Ethereum network more scalable and accessible and increase the security of the network.Ethereums upcoming upgrade includes several changes to the networks infrastructure starting with the change from proofofwork PoW to proofofstake PoS consensus mechanisms followed by sharding chains and further updates down the road.A ProofofStake BlockchainThe move to PoS is significant for Ethereum as it changes the incentives for validating the Ethereum Blockchain.Previously miners ran the nodes and needed a lot of energy to mine the next block.These two elements miners and energy are eliminated in the PoS consensus mechanism and replaced by validators and staking resulting in a more than 99.9 reduction in power.The validators have to deposit 32 ETH to participate in the random validation process in which the network pays them for validating transactions.If a validator is not online and cannot execute its actions the block reward for this specific validator might decrease. Malicious attempts by validators to compromise the network would end in a worse outcome as their deposit of 32 ETH could be slashed.The advantages of PoS for Ethereum in overviewProofofWork required GPUs Graphic Processing Units in order to participate in the mining process demand was so high that the regular market was affected in form from shortages of specific GPU seriesLess centralization risk as anyone can become a stakerETH issuance dropped from 4.3 to 0.43 which can make it deflationary together with the burned ETH since EIP1559Strict penalties for bad actors attackers can be removed as stakers and there are also economic penaltiesThe Merge Beacon Chain Ethereum MainnetThe first phase began with the 8216Beacon Chain upgrade which went live on Dec. 1 2020.The Beacon Chain included the feature for native staking on the Ethereum blockchain as the basis for the switch to PoS. The new upcoming merge will combine the Beacon Chain with the Ethereum mainnet.In the final phase the focus is on blockchain sharding. To improve the scalability of the Ethereum mainnet all operations will be executed on 64 shard chains in the future.Ethereum Merge via Ethereum FoundationThis sharding technique makes it cheaper for layer2 blockchains to build on Ethereum the rollupbundled transaction costs will go down as well as the memory specifications required to run an Ethereum full node.More Coming For Ethereum After The MergeAt the Ethereum Community Conference in France from July 1921 Ethereum CoFounder Vitalik Buterin talked about what is next after the merge.Buterin said the switch to PoS increasing the scalability and the merge is just some of the first series of upgrades.Ethereum today can process about 1520 transactions a second. This Ethereum including the rollups including the sharding 8230 its going to be able to process 100000 transactions a second.To put those 100000 transactions a second into perspective the payment operator VISA executes on average just 17000 transactions per second Bitcoin just around 4.6 per second.Buterin also has the names for the next phases already they were also on the original roadmap surge includes the sharding verge Verkle trees purge purge of old network history and splurge All the other fun stuff.Moreover Buterin told the interested community members in France that he thinks that Ethereum is just 40 complete. After the merge which should happen in September it will be at roughly 55.Here is the full roadmap of Ethereum including the next phases after the mergeEthereum Consensus Layer Eth2 RoadmapExciting Times Ahead For EthereumVitalik and others have been working on Ethereum since 2013.In August 2014 the nowadayslegendary Ethereum ICO started the very first time one could have bought ETH in a public sale.With the proceeds the team has continued to build out the Ethereum blockchain and technology. While it has its flaws Ethereum is still the biggest blockchainecosystem out there with a tremendous network effect.In September the merge is expected to happen finally. Together with the upcoming introduction of shard chains scalability security and accessibility will all be positively influenced by the upgrade.The post Heres what you can expect from Ethereums longawaited Merge upgrade appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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Bitcoin miner Cleanspark has revealed the company is expanding operations in Texas with up to 500 megawatts MW of renewable power. The firm has inked a deal with the Houstonbased Lancium to initially secure 200 MW of Lanciums renewable power and has the option to obtain 300 MW more going forward.Cleanspark Reveals Plans to Expand to the Lone Star State Firm Partners With Texas Energy Firm LanciumO

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia is betting big on the leading Solana NFT marketplace 8211 Market Eden.OpenSea happens to be the leader in the NFT space however its dominance appears to be dwindling. There are now newer platforms backed by some of the biggest investors that may have been contributing to this trend.Magic Edens 27 Million Funding RoundAccording to the latest reports Magic

The move to simplify the listing process is part of a broader push to increase the number of digital assets that can be traded in the country.The Japan Virtual and Crypto Assets Exchange Association JVCEA plans to release a green list of 18 popular crypto assets before the end of this month according to reports. The group consists of 31 exchanges in the country.The green list which includes the hi

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The Biden administration is reportedly crafting policies intended to lower energy consumption and emissions from bitcoin mining.The White House is drafting policy to address bitcoin mining as it seeks to lessen energy consumption and emissions. In March 2022 President Biden signed an executive order in a whole of government approach to regulate the broader cryptocurrency market. Per the executive

Frog Nation a network of DeFi projects was recently hit by a shocking revelation when popular onchain analyst zachxbt revealed in a Twitter thread that 0xSifu the CFO of Frog Nation is in fact the cofounder of QuadrigaCX Michael Patryn that defrauded investors to the tune of staggering 190 million. The news sent the Frog 8230

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This week the consumer electronics and gaming software retailer Gamestop has officially revealed the companys selfcustodial Web3 ethereum wallet. The wallet is currently in beta form and now available via the firms web portal in order to provide users with a wallet that stores crypto assets and nonfungible tokens NFTs. Furthermore the wallet utilizes Looprings layer two L2 ZKrollup technology to p

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The crypto market as a whole is bullish with most top 100 coins in the green at the time of writing.nbspTop cryptosAll top 10 cryptos registered gains over the past 24 hours with XRP leading the way up more than 12 at time of writing. Bitcoin climbed more than 3.5 trading above 21000 this morning.nbspAmong cryptos outside the top 10 Polygonrsquos rally continued. Its gains amount to 18 today and 4

Owing to excessive demand Binance has temporarily put on hold the ApeCoin APE lending function. The amount left on the exchange is currently insufficient to satisfy the need for APE by its users. Additionally withdrawals on the Solana SOL network have been suspended a few times since April 25. In the notice published on its 8230

Crypto and stock markets continue to correct but that doesnt mean all the investment opportunities are gone.