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Date: 03 Aug 2022 - 13:47

Ethereum once again proves its the leading cryptocurrency for DeFi NFT and smart contracts amid a Solana network attack that saw over half a billion in assets drained from private wallets. Ethereum price is currently trading at 1656 up over 5 in the past 24 hours and up over 12 in the past seven days. With all the attention on Solana today Ethereum is gaining additional trader and investor confidence pushing the price higher.Ethereum Price Up 5 Trading Volume Up 12After trading sideways at the 1500 level this week and overtaking Bitcoin in options trading volume on Deribit ETH continues to outperform BTC as the cryptocurrency rises another 5 today inching closer to half of Bitcoins market capitalization.Solana is in the news today with reports of the most popular Web3 wallet Phantom being drained of millions worth of cryptocurrency. Users are reporting their funds moving to addresses not under their control signaling one of the largest crypto hacks in history to date.Surprisingly Solanas price still hasnt registered any major movements yet with SOL trading at 40 with little change over the past 24 hours. As the hack news propagates and users wake up to find their funds lost were likely to see others dump Solana on exchanges and SOLs price will dip to new lows.As one of the top competitors to Ethereum the Solana hack will undoubtedly provide additional bullish momentum to ETH as Solana fans will consolidate their funds to Ethereum.We can only hope that the Solana core team could somehow fork the chain halt the network or revert the transactions which wiped out millions of users funds. So far over 8k wallets and over 500 million worth of funds have been stolen by four addressesHtp9MGP8Tig923ZFY7Qf2zzbMUmYneFRAhSp7vSg4wxVCEzN7mqP9xoxn2HdyW6fjEJ73t7qaX9Rp2zyS6hb3iEu5WwBYgQG6BdErM2nNNyUmQXfcUnB68b6kesxBywh1J3nGeEccGJ9BEzVbVor1njkBCCiqXJbXVeDHaXDCrBDbmuySo far more than 8000 wallets and 580M were stolen by the following 4 addresses. Htp9MGP8Tig923ZFY7Qf2zzbMUmYneFRAhSp7vSg4wxVCEzN7mqP9xoxn2HdyW6fjEJ73t7qaX9Rp2zyS6hb3iEu5WwBYgQG6BdErM2nNNyUmQXfcUnB68b6kesxBywh1J3nGeEccGJ9BEzVbVor1njkBCCiqXJbXVeDHaXDCrBDbmuy pic.twitter.comN7wJlCOi8pmdash MistTrack MistTrackio August 3 2022Ethereum Price Analysis and PredictionMeanwhile Ethereums trading volume shows a significant increase over the past 24 hours rising by 12 and currently at 20.78 billion.ETHUSD will likely test the 1700 support level with the recent Solana news. The secondlargest crypto asset is expected to continue trading sideways as the crypto market battles with the Solana drama.While Ethereum is showing bullish momentum the likelihood of a substantial bull run is slim to none. The Solana hack will create bearish momentum for the global crypto market as investors and trader uncertainty will skyrocket. After all waking up one day to find your Web3 wallet drained of cryptocurrency with no explanation is a stark discovery bound to create a negative ripple effect for crypto enthusiasts.Many are likely not only taking their assets from the Solana network but are also selling off their crypto and transferring it to fiat. One option to ensure your funds are safe is to move them to Bitcoin or Ethereum and transfer them to an offline ledger wallet thats not connected to the internet.Disclosure This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.Follow us on Twitternulltxnewsto stay updated with the latest Crypto NFT AI Cybersecurity Distributed Computing andMetaverse newsImage Source sdecoret123RFThe post Ethereum Price Rises to 1600 Amid Solana Network Hack appeared first on NullTX.

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
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Indias Enforcement Directorate ED has frozen crypto exchange Vaulds crypto and bank assets worth about INR 370 crore 46439181. Vauld halted deposits and withdrawals last month. The Indian law enforcement agency is reportedly investigating more than 10 cryptocurrency exchanges.Indian Authority Freezes Another Cryptocurrency Exchanges AssetsThe Enforcement Directorate ED a law enforcement and econom

In addition to recommending financially educating the public in The Bahamas the IMF hinted at the importance of robust supervisory and regulatory framework for digital assets.

The Australian securities regulator is taking a stand against financial influencers whom they believe to be bamboozling the general public with misinformation about crypto.

Crypto markets were mainly in the green on Saturday with AVAX RUNE and ZEC being some of the notable gainers. Apecoin traded lower during its third session falling by as much as 13 following backtoback gains.Avalanche AVAXLUNA WAVES and FTM were all trading over 10 on Saturday however it was AVAX that was one of the leading gainers to start the weekend.Following a low of 76.74 on Friday avalanche

A finalized text of the Markets in Crypto Assets MiCA legislation now seeks to bring Non Fungible Tokens NFTs and algorithmic stablecoins under its regulatory purview.According to a bill draft dated September 20 EU authorities have been urged to take a substance over form approach to the law suggesting that NFTs such as BAYCs Bored Apes and CrypoPunks could soon be recognized as securities under t

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After announcing it has become FIFArsquos official blockchain Algorand went on a wild rally. Apart from adding almost a fifth to its value it saw a spike in trading volume of 386.nbspIf you are attracted to unique features and want to learn how and where to buy Algorand this guide is for you.nbspTop places to buy Algorand nowBitstampWorlds longeststanding crypto exchange. Since 2011 Bitstamp has b

The US Internal Revenue Service is ramping up its efforts to collect taxes from crypto traders regardless of a 70 market slump.The tax department has obtained a court order authorizing summons for records of US taxpayers that failed to report transactions and pay taxes on crypto profits.Specifically the IRS will issue what is known as a John Doe summons requiring MY Safra Bank to provide crypto tr

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Dante Disparte hinted the U.S. could take a leading role in stablecoin regulation in an effort to avoid transAtlantic or global misalignment.

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Earlier today Peter L. Brandt who is one of the world most respected classical chartistscommented on Bitcoins latest price action. In 1990 Brandt who has been a commodity trader since 1976 published the bookTrading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns.Then in 2011 John Wiley and Sons published his second bookDiary of a Professional Commodity Trader