2 years ago
Date: 02 Feb 2022 - 05:00

NFT3 a virtual identity network for Web3 has completed a 7.5 million seed funding round led by Animoca Brands. The round saw participation from a dozen more leading investors including DFG Group CMS Holdings LD Capital and Prometheus Labs Ventures.The platform will use the funding to further develop its decentralized identity solutions and pair them in a novel way with NFTs its CEO Dylan Dewdney told CryptoSlate.NFT3 is pairing DIDs with NFTs to create a unified Web3 identityThe problem of verifying identities has long troubled the crypto industry and the emergence of metaverses has made this even more pressing. NFT3 is a platform trying to get on top of this issue by creating the first unified identity network for Web3.NFT3s Unified Decentralized Identity DID and Credit Network will provide users with identity across all Web3 application layers and enable personal monetization in the metaverse.The first major use case for NFT3s products will be validated airdropping. NFT3s Decentralized Identities DIDs will solve the longstanding problem of botgenerated wallet address spoofing enabling projects and platforms to airdrop tokens only to real users.The potential of NFT3s solution was recognized by more than a dozen major industry investors with Animoca Brands a gaming company that has been invested in CryptoKitties Axie Infinity OpenSea Decentraland and the Sandbox leading its 7.5 million seed funding round.Yat Siu the CEO and cofounder of Animoca Brands said that NFT3 has laid the groundwork for a unified identity layer in Web3. The companys platform will provide the accrued history and actions of individuals with value across platforms metaverses and game contexts he said in the companys press release.Dylan Dewdney the CEO of NFT3 told CryptoSlate that DIDwrapped NFTs will be the product driving the mass adoption of Web3 products and platforms.However Dewdney said that the company is still early to the game and will be facing many challenges along the way.8220DIDs have only recently emerged as the accepted technical standard for decentralized identity. Their adoption is a tricky thing because right now they sit mainly at the protocol level and are much less userfriendly than less technicallycomplex alternatives such as ENS. So the adoption of the standard is currently the biggest challenge8221 he said in an interview.Dewdney noted that the only way towards making DIDs more mainstream is not only to use them in as many protocols as possible but to pair them with NFTs. This will enable decentralized identities to have the same utility benefits as NFTs such as staking and reputation.He also believes that it wont be long before the platform sees major tractiononce the first users of NFT3 DIDs see the first financial benefits 8220the traction will happen very quickly.82218220It will become completely necessary to have a decentralized identity to live in the Web3 andor metaverse ecosystems the same way you must have some sort of identity to do the same in the nonvirtual world.8221The post NFT3 raises 7.5 million to introduce DIDs and NFTs to the metaverse appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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FTX Launches New Gaming Arm With NFT Support 2 years ago

Popular crypto exchange FTX has plans to launch a gaming unit to offer mainstream gaming publishers support for nonfungible token NFT integration and other blockchainpowered collectibles.FTX to Provide Web3 Operability for Game StudiosBloomberg reported that the company will launch its gaming outfit in the coming months. The socalled FTX Gaming unit is set to function as a 8220cryptoasaservice8221

The Miamibased blockchain security company 8211 Halborn 8211 closed a 90 million Series A financing round. The initiative comes at a time when numerous venture capital firms have withdrawn their interest in the crypto sector due to the downturn of the market.Pushing Forward Amidst the Crypto WinterIn an interview for Bloomberg Halborn disclosed that the multimillion financing was led by prominent

On Thursday August 11 prominent MIT AI ResearcherLex Fridman said that on Wednesday August 10 he had had a chat with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin about the Merge hard fork which is when the Ethereum network is making the transition from proofofwork to proofofstake. Interestingly Friedman who is not particularly prone to exaggeration or hyperbole

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has halted a 62 million global cryptocurrency trading and mining scheme and the Department of Justice DOJ has indicted its CEO and founder. If convicted of all counts he faces a maximum total penalty of 45 years in prison the Justice Department.SEC Halts 62M Global Cryptocurrency Fraud SchemeThe US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC announced Fri

Alchemy Pay ACH has surged by over 70 after the token was listed on AscendEX and other exchanges. There was also a crosschain launch as well on the Binance smart chain that helped push the price further. Here are some highlightsAfter listing on AscendEX ACH rose to 0.0625 representing gains of over 70 over a period of less than a week.The coin has lost some of that momentum but is still bouncing a

Major U.K. law firm gunnercooke has started accepting payments in most major cryptocurrencies for legal and professional services. The firm accepts leading cryptoassets like Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH but also smaller altcoins like Cardano ADA and Dogecoin DOGE. According to an announcement the law firm published it is now accepting cryptocurrency payments through cryptocurrency

Dogecoin DOGE could not muster enough strength on Saturday as the collapse of Elon Musks Twitter acquisition crushed hopes for the mainstream acceptance of the coin.After the disclosure the price of the largest memecoin in the world decreased by more than 4 percent. In recent weeks the token looks to be reacting less strongly to Musks social mediacomments rants included.Musk canceled his 44 billio

Human Protocol is introducing a decentralised way to coordinate distributed job markets.nbspHUMAN Protocol a decentralised infrastructure project that aims to reshape how humans work announced on Wednesday July 20th that it had launched a new blockchain coordination layer to handle routing functionality among thirdparty vendors to power HUMAN Protocol jobs.Termed the Routing Protocol the new block

The US Department of Justice announces the conviction of a man that pilfered thousands of dollars in cryptocurrencies.The scheme involved posing as a UN affiliate and using wire fraud to swindle individuals.He faces up to 20 years in jail at his sentencing in July.Cryptocurrency scams are casting a dark cloud over the entire ecosystem while law enforcement agencies scramble to rein in the chaos. T

Cardano (ADA) Price Forecast for 2022-2040 2 years ago

Cardano ADA is the native token of a proofofstake blockchain that goes by the same name. Cardano network was founded in 2015 by Ethereum cofounder Charles Hoskinson. Cardano Foundation states that its ultimate goal is to give innovators and visionaries a platform that will help them make the world a better place. To accomplish this Cardanos team is building an interoperable and scalable multiasset

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Janet Yellen 8211 an American economist currently serving as the 78th US Secretary of Treasury 8211 has displayed her anticrypto position numerous times. During her 20month reign she has argued that bitcoin is unsuitable for conducting financial transactions and that people should not rely on investing in digital assets as part of their retirement strategy.Some recent reports hinted that Yellen co

A big portion of the crypto market has shown some decent rallying over the last few days. Zilliqa ZIL is not any different. However even with this shortterm bullish momentum the longerterm outlook for this token looks under par compared to its peers. Here are some highlightsZilliqa ZIL has largely shown immense volatility over the last 12 months and we expect this to continue in 2022.At the time o

Cryptos overall market cap increased by about 3 over the last 24 hours but most leading coins are lower than a week ago.

The emirate launches its Dubai Metaverse Strategy aiming at the worlds top 10 metaverse economies.