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Date: 13 Aug 2022 - 20:21

CryptoSlate spoke exclusively with a member of the Tornado Cash team who has been granted anonymity for their own protection and will be referred to as 8220TC Member8221 for the sake of this article. The Tornado Cash contributor told CryptoSlates Akiba that 8220multisigs shut down the DAO8230 were all out. Better safe than sorry unless it all calms down a bit.8221Tornado Cash DAO multisig wallet deleted.When asked about the TRM Labs API causing protocols such as Aave Uniswap and Balancer to sanction addresses linked with Tornado Cash TC Member declared 8220there goes decentralization8221 in what they described as a 8220shitty situation.8221Following the closing of the Tornado Cash DAO 8220DAO funds have been returned to Governance contracts multisig deleted.8221 The removal of the DAO multisig indicates that this may be the end for Tornado Cash as TC Member confirmed. While clarifying that this is only their opinion TC Member reaffirmed that8220Multisgs shut down the DAO8230 Tornado Cash cant fight the U.S.8221TC Member asserted that 8220nobody did anything wrong8230 the world is fucked up8221 about the incident. They confirmed that the DAO was shut down 8220to keep members safe and avoid legal issues8221 as the situation is 8220dangerous for all devs8221 even those outside the Tornado Cash ecosystem.Six degrees of tornado cash is a thing. Even crazier while only 0.03 of addresses received ETH from tornado cash almost half the entire ETH network is only two hops from a tornado cash receiver. pic.twitter.comLDU9g0r7tQmdash ElBartoCrypto ElBartoCrypto August 13 2022Arrest of Aleksei PertsevTC Member also confirmed that they believe Roman Storm CoFounder of Tornado Cash was looking for attorneys in the Netherlands 8220a few days ago8221 which 8220must be for Aleksey.8221 The information came to TC Members knowledge before the arrest indicating that Aleksey may have been aware of what was coming.The general mood of TC Member was despondent as they admitted they needed a vacation after the troubling past week. The future of Tornado Cash looks extremely gloomy as its TORN token is down 20 on the day. The role of the TORN governance token is currently as known due to the DAO being closed and the multisig wallet deleted.The post Tornado Cash DAO shuts down as it 8220cant fight the US8221 and keep contributors safe appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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The Posschain team is both humbled and delighted to announce that the Poss token will be listed on BitMart Exchange.The POSS token will permit users to transact with others on the blockchain and pay for all utility fees in the ecosystem. The platform can use the token for governance staking transactions smart contracts and validator rewards.As investors have been anticipating which exchange Poss t

The Ethereum upgrade formerly Ethereum 2.0 or Eth2 is one of the most anticipated upgrades in the world of blockchain technology and Ethereum investors cannot wait.While the Eth2 name stuck the Ethereum Foundation itself changed the terminology. Today you would simply refer to it as the consensus layer that operates on the original blockchain.The upgrade which will be rolled out in several phases

Sandboxrsquos SAND was resisted at the 1.3 level.The price is currently bearish but could be contained by the 0.9 support.Investors should watch for a potential breakout.1.3 remains a key level to watch for Sandboxrsquos native token SANDUSD. The metaverse token showed renewed hopes last month after jumping from a bottom of 0.75. At the current trading of 1.1 SAND is recovering although an immedia

On Wednesday April 20 Coinbase announced that the beta of Coinbase NFT which it calls a Web3 social marketplace for NFTs had gone live. On 12 October 2021 Coinbase published a blog post to announce its upcoming product Coinbase NFT Today were announcing Coinbase NFT a peertopeer marketplace that will make minting purchasing showcasing and

As the decentralized finance DeFi market has matured and garnered increasing mainstream traction the term atomic composability has continued to seep into the vernacular of many crypto enthusiasts. Sometimes used interchangeably with words like crossshard composability synchronous composability and crossshard atomicity it is an intricate concept that needs a detailed explanation.To start we can see

TCG World just announced an exciting new strategic relationship with Curzio Research Inc which has paid 5000000.00 for 19 commercial real estate properties within the TCG World Metaverse. The purchase will be one of the most significant virtual property transactions in the metaverse to date.Curzio Research intends to establish its headquarters in TCG Worlds Asia area near WallStreetBets. Curzio VI

Bitcoin and Ethereum are pumping after the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis released its official GDP data for Q2 2022. The data shows that real GDP decreased by 0.9 year over year marking the nations second consecutive quarter of negative GDP growth.Bitcoin traded for about 22700 prior to the bureaus release at 0830 EST. Meanwhile Ethereum traded for about 1630.Both coins then began to climb over

Newly launched crosschain bridges to Ethereum and the upcoming Theta upgrade are expanding the Cosmos ecosystem and potential catalysts of ATOMs recent 75 gain.

Tel Aviv Israel 7th June 2022 ChainwireTop web2 VC Pitango has launched First Labs a thesisdriven web3 lab designed to bridge the traditional economy and web3. Israelrsquos leading venture capital firm Pitango operates seed and early venture fund Pitango First. The latter has now masterminded First Labs which incorporates Israelrsquos first investment DAO to support the needs of web3 investors ent

The post Mexican Senator Introduces Bill to Make Bitcoin a Legal Tender appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideMexican Senator Indira Kempis proposed a bill in the assemble to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country. The reason given by the senator is that it will bridge the gap between access to financial products and education for the Mexican citizens.nbsp

Mike Novogratz billionaire investor and CEO of Galaxy Digital has issued a statement addressing the recent meltdown of the Terra ecosystem. He highlights lessons hes learned from the situation but reinforces his faith in the crypto economy as a whole.The Idea That FailedIn a letter to shareholders and the crypto community Novogratz lamented the loss of over 40 billion in wealth suffered by LUNA

Since their introduction into the worlds financial market cryptocurrencies have given the market a boost and contributed to its major growth and development. Old cryptocurrencies like Litecoin LTC and Polygon MATIC have provided a variety of use cases by helping to solve realworld problems. Keninah Concord KEN is a new cryptocurrency that aims to solve 8230

The post These 5 Platforms Will Help You Conveniently Manage Your Crypto Portfolio appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideAs mainstream interest in cryptocurrency grows it becomes essential for users to manage their portfolios well. Even when investing in a handful of currencies keeping tabs on their priceperformance remains critical. Several platforms and to

In the aftermath of Terras historic debacle regulatory scrutiny targetting the stablecoin industry through cooperative measures across borders has become urgent to authorities worldwide. According to a recent report South Korean Justice Minister Han Donghoon has discussed with US officials potentially enhancing cooperation in fighting against security fraud and financial crimes.Strengthening Ties

New Yorks Department of Financial Services NYDFS has issued guidelines on the use of Blockchain analytics to all licensed crypto startups within New York. Through a letter addressed to all digital currency entities licensed under the New York Banking Law 23 NYCRR Part 200 the government agency emphasized the importance of blockchain analytics in conducting customer due diligence transaction monito