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Crypto exchange FTX has partnered with digital asset investment firm Paradigm. The aim of the collaboration is to launch spread trading which will essentially enable users to benefit from pricing dislocations with 8220cashandcarry8221 plays.Spread Trading can be referred to as the purchase of one security and sale of a related security called legs as a unit.According to the official blog post the partnership will help users to leverage 8220singleclick8221 trading with 8220no leg perpetual risk.8221The new deal also aims to attract new crypto investors keen on cash and carry trades with the help of crypto spot purchases and futures instruments on FTX. x200dParadigm explained that users will be able to trade the spread between spot perpetual and fixed maturity futures on eight cryptoassets 8211 Bitcoin BTC Ether ETH Solana SOL Avalanche AVAX ApeCoin APE Dogecoin DOGE Chainlink LINK and Litecoin LTC.FTX on the other hand is tasked with offering 8220guaranteed atomic execution and clearing of both legs8221 for the trades. Sam BankmanFried CEO of the crypto exchange said8220Paradigm is a leading network providing institutional liquidity for crypto derivatives and were excited to expand on our relationship with a formal partnership to collaborate on product developments for both of our users. This structured spread trading product is the first that will enable crypto investors to utilize cash and carry trades through FTX and Paradigm.8221FTX has officially partnered with leading institutional liquidity network tradeparadigm to make it easier and cheaper than ever to trade the spread between spot perpetuals and futures instruments on BTC ETH SOL AVAX APE DOGE LINK and LTChttpst.coO7chj4l09C pic.twitter.commbqjpo6qCQmdash FTX FTXOfficial August 12 2022The firm also mentioned that atomic execution of both legs will make it structurally less risky when compared to executing individual legs through a traditional exchange order book.The subsequent lower risk profile will let market makers quote much tighter prices and in substantially larger sizes.The post FTX and Paradigm Join Forces to Unveil Crypto Futures Spread Trading appeared first on CryptoPotato.

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
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Blockwares report uses data provided by Glassnode to provide estimates on global Bitcoin adoption relating to the standard Scurve of disruptive technology.Blockware Solutions released a report detailing the likely adoption curve of Bitcoin.The report compares Bitcoin to other disruptive technologies and calculates adoption rates as it relates to the global population.The company estimates Bitcoin

Position Exchange a decentralized trading protocol that is based on the BNB Chain to provide an avenue for traders liquidity providers and developers to participate in the market is making efforts to build an entire ecosystem in DeFi with unrelenting plans to become the most complete Decentralized Crypto Platform.With the understanding that decentralized exchanges have gained massive traction over

Bitcoin is trading above 20k again after spending most of the week trading below that psychological level.The cryptocurrency market has underperformed for the best part of the week. However it seems that the market will end the week in a positive fashion as most cryptocurrencies are trading in the green zone.The total market cap rose above 1 trillion for the first time in more than a week indicati

The tech investment world has increased in the last 20 years since the dot com boom. Investors have gone from investing in microchip manufacturing companies to internet marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. And even though investors understand the rapid changes amp growth of the tech world they have been having a hard time investing in Web 3.0 Crypto Blockchain etc. amp Metaverse world. However th

BNB100X is a highyield farming DApp on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to maximize their crypto holdings by receiving a steady return on investment. Investment duration ranges from 7 days to 30 days with a 119 return to as high as 234 return. It is one of the highest and fasting paying high yield farming protocols on BSC allowing users to live off of their BNB.BNB100X offers a wide variet

Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts have for years preached about the much envisioned mass adoption of this fintech and why this is an important goal that must be achieved sooner than later. However many factors like ignorance a lack of information and poor telecommunication infrastructure have made the attainment of this objective difficult.13A Book of x2018Immeasurable Importance13In Africa where

Rug pulls are crypto scams that occur when developers of a new cryptocurrency pump a tokens value and vanish with the funds as the coins value collapses.

Dogecoin DOGE and Shiba Inu SHIB have earned their place to become amongst the biggest meme cryptocurrencies in the world and are on the top 15 list. However with the incoming of new meme coins being created every day with some well improved in areas that this duo is lacking.One such meme coin is Mehracki Token MKI which has shown itself a worthy contender to these giants. The real question is wil

PRESS RELEASE 8211 Please Read DisclaimerHanjin Tan musician and Web3 advocate joins the project as a Gemstar to connect with fans and music lovers through immersive metaverse experiences and digital assetsGemie is an Asian entertainmentfocused metaverse platform and NFT marketplace that revolutionizes engagement between celebrities and fansThe project will work with Alist celebrities to custom cr

Coins like Mehracki MKI NEAR Protocol NEAR and PancakeSwap CAKE offer huge potential for growth in the coming years and its important to take a look at these projects now so that you can make an informed investment decision.Each of these coins has unique features that could make them stand out from other tokens so its worth taking a closer look at each of them to see if they might be a good fit fo

Flybondi a lowcost Argentine airline is introducing blockchain tech in its operations. The company announced recently it will start issuing tickets as nonfungible tokens NFTs broadening the possibilities of what customers can do with them. Users will be able to sell or transfer the tokens to other travelers up to three days before the applicable flight for example.13Flybondi to Issue NFT Tickets13

HubSpot is a popular CRM tool that many companies use to store their users details such as phone numbers names email addresses etc. These companies use the information they collect to facilitate their marketing attempts. They also use them to monitor the success of their marketing campaigns.So its not surprising that hackers will target the tool because they need those personal details to perpetra

The post Shiba INUSHIB 038 Dogecoin DOGE Prices both Aim at a 25 Recovery this Week appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideThe popular memecoins Shiba INU amp Dogecoin are currently displaying a similar price action that could end up in an interim bearish trend. Both the assets are currently in deep trouble as the bearish pattern has been extended from the pa

Instagrams NFT initiative now includes more than 100 countries including collectibles from the Flow blockchain.

Whos putting his money where his mouth is Mr. Wonderful AKA Kevin OLeary is. As one of the main proponents of the industrys need for green bitcoin mining Mr. Wonderful invested in Bitzero. And now theyre announcing that the company will build its North American headquarters in North Dakota. Why is this news Because of the things theyll do with the heat that the data center will produce.Heat is an