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As the decentralized finance DeFi market has matured and garnered increasing mainstream traction the term atomic composability has continued to seep into the vernacular of many crypto enthusiasts. Sometimes used interchangeably with words like crossshard composability synchronous composability and crossshard atomicity it is an intricate concept that needs a detailed explanation.To start we can see that one of the most striking aspects of the DeFi market is the interoperability present between its various dApps and digital assets. This interaction capability is what we commonly refer to as composability. The power to compose a single transaction whilst employing different autonomous smart contracts has allowed developers to innovate and create services that would otherwise not be possible within traditional finance tradfi.For example developers can create products capable of providing realtime exchange rates across different automated market makers AMM or harness the power of crowdsourced liquidity pools to benefit from arbitrage opportunities all thanks to the power of composability.For all of the operations mentioned above to be seamless and glitchfree they must happen simultaneously via a single atomic step. To put it another way the entire transaction lifecycle across all of the involved smart contracts needs to be validated and resolved in one single process or else they should fail in unison so that there is no scope for a security lapsefailure.Atomic composability mattersAtomicity is an essential foundational base for the DeFi sector especially when ironing out the inefficiencies plaguing todays tradfi systems. However despite its obvious importance most blockchains have sought to increase their scalability output by ignoring composability. This has typically been done by separating apps and transactions using shards i.e. tools that make operations faster but do not have direct atomic access to one another.As more shards are introduced into an ecosystem there is an apparent reduction in interoperability and increased conflict between a blockchains scalability and composability making true decentralization hard to achieve. Radix is one platform that has approached and tackled this issue headon using its new consensus mechanism called Cerberus. It utilizes two key unique functional modules that distinguish it from its peers yet allow it to achieve unlimited scalability without compromising composability.For starters Cerberus uses a type of sharding where instead of splitting dApps and assets between a static set of shards it deploys a practically infinite set of shards where all of the networks components are spread out dynamically parallelly to one another. Furthermore Cerberus eliminates any barriers between its shards using a new consensus design wherein each shard is capable of reaching consensus independently.Radix achieves this by braiding these consensus processes together into one resulting in composability that is completely streamlined frictionfree and without any of the limitations typically emanating due to low scalability.Composability is a game changer in more ways than oneSome of the most potent composability aspects are brought to life when one considers some of its reallife use cases. Flash loans for example have only come to fruition thanks to the advent of this technology. To this point traditionally whenever an individual acquires a loan they must provide the lender with collateral. However thanks to the power of atomic composability DeFi platforms can offer their users flash loans where they can borrow tokens as long as they can return the principal sum within the same transaction.This then begs the question what good is a loan that needs to be paid back within the same transaction The simple answer is that composability allows numerous applications to take part in the same transaction lifecycle allowing the loan to be used for facilitating other business processes with all of its associated apps. An example of this is arbitrage where an investor can buy a certain token from a platform at a lower price only to sell it on another ecosystem and net the price difference without using any capital of their own.The future of Web3 and the role of atomic composabilityWhen talking about the idea of composability within the context of the rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem the concept is directly linked to a host of blockchain applications including decentralized exchanges DEXs decentralized applications dApps and decentralized autonomous organizations DAOs allowing all of the abovestated entities to work with one another.Composability allows developers to utilizeintegrate code from other applications into their products since a vast majority of smart contracts designed to control application logic are opensource and available to the public. Lastly it allows for a tangible reduction in the development cycles of various dApps since it allows users to simply modify code libraries from existing dApps and thus create new ones effortlessly.Therefore moving forward it stands to reason that projects like Radix will continue to define the crypto landscape making this space truly decentralized without compromising scalability and network security.

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