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PRESS RELEASE. With the unprecedented global rise of decentralization and emerging technologies like NFTs blockchain and the metaverse it makes sense that many companies would want to ensure that they are ready for the seemingly inevitable transition to Web3.As such x2018The Swappery has recently announced its highlyanticipated decentralized exchange DEX launch on the Casper Network. The DEX was launched on Binance Smart Chain BSC back in March 2021 and is currently live on the Casper Blockchain mainnet. With this The Swappery has officially become the inaugural fully functional crosschain DEX on the Casper Network thereby making it a pioneer in the Casper Ecosystem and a highlight of the entire initiative.What is a DEXPut simply a decentralized exchange is a Peerto Peer P2P marketplace where transactions occur directly between various cryptocurrency traders. DEXs are crucial because they fulfill one of the crypto sectors core possibilities namely fostering financial transactions which are not officiated by banks brokers or any other kind of third party or intermediary effectively removing the x2018middleman.Many popular DEXs like PancakeSwap and BiSwap run on BSC and now The Swappery has been added to that growing list as well. Most notably however the Swappery is in fact the very first DEX on the Casper Network as previously mentioned.What is there to knowThe Swappery was launched on CasperPad on 9th of March 2022 which is the first launchpad featured on the Casper Blockchain. The initial step was to hence launch on the Binance Smart Chain testnet. Through the BSC testnet crypto enthusiasts were hence able to test the DEXs functionality before the mainnet. During this process The Swappery incorporated plenty of vital feedback and positive comments concerning any and all improvements to the DEX so as to make it more appealing and functional.Furthermore The Swappery is presently live on Casper mainnet complete with all kinds of essential speed and design improvements which also include the new x2018Yield Farming functionality as well as swapping capabilities and providing liquidity. Additional functionalities will be added to the DEX as more feedback is gathered over time as the community plays a critical role regarding how everything will look and operate in the near future.According to CasperPads CEO The Casper Blockchain is a burgeoning ecosystem thats really starting to take off so we wanted to be among the first to offer a DEX and consistently grow with them in order to help provide the best features and services. The Swappery is therefore unique in that sense and we have some exciting things planned in the future so stay tuned.About The SwapperyThe Swappery is the first crosschain DEX built for the Casper Network. The overall vision of the exchange is to facilitate highquality and advanced decentralized trading capabilities for the Casper Network thereby significantly enhancing the decentralized ecosystem and creating opportunities which were previously unattainable. Find out more here as well as through the Twitter and Telegram channels.Casper AssociationThe Casper Association is the nonprofit entity that oversees the ongoing evolution and decentralization of the Casper Network. It provides necessary resources to help accelerate the adoption of Casper and its growing ecosystem of decentralized applications. To learn more visit httpscasper.networkennetwork.About CasperPadCasperPad is the first Caspersupported fully decentralized launchpad. It was built to launch innovative and industrydisruptive projects on the Casper Network. By doing so CasperPad opens up a unique gateway to invest in future projects launched onto the Casper Network.Moreover by simply holding the official CasperPad token CSPD users will be given exclusive access to public sales of various new top projects in this industry. CasperPad projects are also carefully chosen through vetting which considers everything from the origins of the project teams to legitimacy and implementation capacities into account in order to effectively construct the Casper ecosystem and have it be among the highest regarded blockchains around the world. To learn more visit httpswww.casperpad.ioxA0xA0xA0This is a press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible directly or indirectly for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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Dogecoin DOGE which is modeled on the popular 8220doge8221 Internet joke is symbolized by a Shiba Inu. The opensource cryptocurrency was developed by Billy Markus in December 2013 and split off from Litecoin. DOGE initially circulated as a humorous internet joke. Long before the coin gained popularity the programs original developer stopped working on it 8230

What is happening with the U.S.dollar now is the end of the U.S. dollar...

Meson Network a blockchainbased bandwidth trading platform is elated to announce that it has successfully completed three rounds of funding within the first quarter of 2022.Being on a journey to build the most significant open bandwidth marketplace in the world the company has so far been able to attract interest from many partners and investors including Digital Currency Group Youbi Capital Zonff

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has issued a warning that crypto activities are illegal. The regulator emphasized that websites apps and online networks related to crypto activities are prohibited to be used operated or managed within the country.Nepalese Regulators Crypto WarningNepals regulator of the technology sector the Nepal Telecommunications Authority NTA issued a notice Monday warn

Weve been tracking the behavior of the thirdlargest bitcoin whale for quite some time now and it appears that today it achieved a considerable milestone. The entity now holds more BTC than Michael Saylors MicroStrategy.The thirdlargest Bitcoin whale has been on a buying spree lately. The entity has taken advantage of the recent plummets in the price and has added more to his stash.On Saturday 8211

Following a volatile weekend of trading cryptocurrency prices consolidated to start the week with BTC close to its longterm floor. Overall bitcoin was trading marginally below 30000 with ETH hovering slightly above 2000.BitcoinBTC started the week trading below 30000 following a volatile weekend of trading which saw prices mainly consolidate.Following a rise to a peak of 31308.19 during Sundays se

Bitcoin has had to push past several criticisms to reach its current level.Despite the hurdles the asset has grown in relevance over the years.Bitcoin is trading at 38700 as pundits remain positive for explosive growth in the future.With a current price of over 30000 Bitcoin is seen as the foremost digital asset by market valuation. The tale of this revolutionary product of blockchain technology h

The Ukrainian central bank has banned citizens from purchasing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the local currency while the country remains under martial law.Ukrainians Banned From Using The Hryvnia To Buy CryptoThe National Bank of Ukraine NBU on Thursday unveiled a new series of restrictions on crossborder transactions in a bid to curb unproductive capital outflows from the wartorn natio

Mooncoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency project based on blockchain technology which aims to innovate and expand a Blockchain and create an ecosystem that facilitates social and scientific interactions. The Moon ecosystem seeks to serve as a platform for fast and secure monetary transactions.MOON is a global digital currency faster and less expensive than Bitcoin. Its designed for frequent glob

The post Bitcoin Rejected Again At 45000 Yet 50K Levels Appear Imminent by the End of Q1 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideBitcoin price in recent times is displaying a colossal momentum despite getting rejected at 45000. The price had raised high to hit 45400 the third time during the current cycle and failed to sustain. However it is also witnessed tha

If youre a huge sports fan youve surely heard about Fan Tokens a new invention that connects fans to their favorite teams by giving them a voice and making them feel like they own part of their favorite sports club. In other words sports clubs use cryptocurrency Fan Tokens to create unique fan experiences through cryptocurrencies and increase the level of engagement with fans.The worlds most famou

Bitcoin price dropped to 18270 but derivatives traders didnt flinch. Here is why.

What crypto are the whales buying After the ongoing crypto market crash in 2022 users are looking for the best meme crypto to buy now. Currently many whales and investors are looking to buy TAMA 8211 a new NFT project that is aiming to change the gaming sector by introducing DeFi decentralized finance protocols.This guide will review one of the best new crypto meme coins and why whales are accumul

One of the largest bitcoin miners 8211 Core Scientific 8211 could run out of cash by the end of 2022 which could prompt it to file for bankruptcy.The firms shares took a major punch following the news. Current market data shows they trade at around 0.28 an approximately 72 decline compared to yesterdays figures.The market decline the rise in energy costs and increased competition are the main fact

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