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The post Terra Classic LUNC Price Prediction appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideWith an alltime high of 119 reached in April 2022 the crypto community was certain that Terra Classic would have another stellar year going forward.Little did anyone know that only one month from then LUNC tokens would practically be worthless.Those of you that follow crypto news already know that were talking about one of the biggest black swan events in the history of crypto that took place on May 12th.Ponzi scheme pyramid scheme billiondollar crypto scam these are just some of the Terra Classic accusations that have been circling the internet after the crash.While there still is a lot of controversy surrounding the coin and its founder Do Kwon the project has been fighting to recover over these past few months.But with investor confidence still extremely low how realistic is it for Terra Classic to reach new highs and what price can we expect going forwardEven though there still is some potential for LUNC to partially recover most investors have shifted their focus towards other projects with Tamadoge being at the center of attention.gtgtgtBuy Tamadoge NowltltltTerra Classic LUNC Price Prediction 2022 2025Before we get into the technical analysis heres a comprehensive Terra Classic LUNC price prediction table that you can quickly skim through.YearPrice20220.0004820230.0010320240.0032920250.00877At the time of writing LUNC is priced at 0.000382 and saw a 9.5 increase in the last 24 hours. The current market cap stands at 2.3 million.Interestingly Terra Classic has been one of the bestperforming cryptos in August with a value increase of around 280.The 0.00016 range was LUNCs biggest obstacle but the asset successfully surpassed it and reached the 0.0003 target.However the main question is whether it will be able to maintain it towards the end of the year.While there is a positive sentiment around the token currently analysts arent certain that this bullish momentum will last for much longer.Terra Classic will struggle to maintain the 0.0003 mark for the next month and if it does its likely that it will end 2022 at the price of 0.00048.As for 2023 its forecasted that the crypto market will start recovering and most currencies in the industry will slowly bounce back to their feet.If LUNC starts regaining investor trust as well it could end 2023 somewhere around the 0.001 target.If this turns out true and no major market crashes occur in 2023 Terra Classic could enter another bullish momentum and be priced at 0.00329 by the end of 2024.LUNCs price for 2025 is harder to predict since theres the possibility that Terraform Labs will start focusing solely on Terra 2.0.According to numerous price analysis platforms the average Terra Classic trading price in 2025 will be around 0.008.How to Find TamadogenbspnbspEven despite the recent increases Terra Classic isnt considered a safe investment mostly due to the controversy thats still surrounding it.Currently a much better option according to experts is the new meme coin Tamadoge.Tamadoge is a meme cryptocurrency with Metaverse P2E and NFT elements that also includes robust blockchain features and realworld utility something completely unique to the meme coin universe.Tamaverse is the projects official Metaverse and its where players can communicate play games trade items etc. The primary currency is the TAMA token which also serves as the native governance token.In terms of gameplay Tamadoge is very similar to the popular 90s game Tamagochi. Players take care of pets NFTs and train them until they mature. Then they use them in battles for a chance to win exclusive prizes.Notably the beta sale for TAMA tokens was supposed to last until October but it ended just two weeks after it was launched due to massive demand.In 13 days the project hit its beta sale goal of 2.1 million and launched the presale much sooner than anticipated.Out of the 1 billion tokens that were released in the presale more than 70 have already been sold out. But they are still available at 40 tokens per 1 USDT. This price will continue to increase with every 100 million tokens sold.nbspnbspAfter the project goes live and lands the awaited CEX listings the value of TAMA tokens will increase even more bringing at least 10x profits in a short time frame.nbspnbspThis demand is constantly growing and Tamadoge is now posing a serious threat to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu with analysts suggesting that it might even surpass them in 2023.Tamadoge was KYCverified by CoinSniper and audited for smart contracts by SolidProof which confirms that the project isnt another rug pull meme coin scam.Ultimately experts believe that Tamadoge is the best 100x profit token in 2022 and a much better investment than the controversial Terra Classic.gtgtgtBuy Tamadoge NowltltltHow to Buy TamadogeHere is the exact guide you can follow for your first TAMA token purchase.STEP 1To begin make sure you have a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use one of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect we recommend Trust Wallet.Purchasing on a desktop browser will give you a smoother purchasing experience. For this we recommend MetaMask.If you are purchasing on mobile we recommend using Trust Wallet and connecting through the inbuilt browser just copy into the Trust Wallet Browser.STEP 2Once you have your preferred wallet provider ready click Connect Wallet and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps you will need to select Wallet Connect.You will then have three options Buy ETH With Card. This option will allow you to purchase ETH that will be sent to your wallet by our partner Transak.You will then be able to use this ETH to purchase TAMA. Click Buy Eth With Card to begin and follow the on screen steps. We recommend purchasing a minimum of 15 worth of ETH to cover the minimum TAMA purchase. Buy TAMA With ETH.Once you have sufficient ETH in your wallet if you do not have ETH or USDT please select option 1 to purchase ETH first you can now swap your ETH for TAMA. Type in the amount of TAMA you wish to purchase 1000 minimum and then click Convert Eth.Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also show you the cost of gas. Buy TAMA with USDT. Please ensure you have at least 15 of USDT in your wallet before commencing the transaction.Type in the amount of TAMA you wish to purchase 1000 minimum. Click Convert USDT. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Please ensure you go through both approval steps in order to complete the transaction.STEP 3Once the presale has concluded you will be able to claim your TAMA tokens. We will release details closer to the time however you will need to visit the main site and click on the gold Claim button.Tamadoge ContractUse the contract information below to add the TAMA token to your wallet.Address 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8Decimals 18Token symbol TAMATerra Classic vs. Tamadoge Which Is the Better AlternativeTerra Classic is one of the crypto assets that saw the biggest price increases in August but the token is still far from its ATH.According to experts this momentum wont last for much longer and investors are better off picking other projects that dont have shady histories as Terra Classic.With realworld utility robust tokenomics and advanced blockchain features Tamadoge is looking like a much more reliable investment.Despite the fact that Tamadoge hasnt even gone viral yet the project has already attracted a large community of investors and the demand is growing by the day.For Q4 2022 we can expect to see Tamadoge listed on several major exchanges and its AR augmented reality app released. This app will allow players to take care of their pets on their mobile devices even when theyre on the go.Plus with all of its cuttingedge characteristics it outperforms pretty much every meme coin currently on the market.All of these factors combined make it clear that Tamadoge is a much better alternative than Terra Classic in both short and longterm value potential.The TakeawayOnce in the top 10 crypto assets in terms of market capitalization Terra Classic is now far from its old glory.After the devastating crash that will go down in crypto history Terra Classic lost all of its value with investors losing millions overnight.Even though its now showing signs of recovery no one is really ready to place higher amounts of money into the project and support it especially with the Do Kwon controversy still surrounding it.If youre looking for a project that has the most potential to bring huge profits by the end of 2022 Tamadoge is now considered the safest option according to analysts.Those who invest now might even see 100x returns towards the end of the year.Disclaimer This is a press release post. Coinpedia does not endorse or is responsible for any content accuracy quality advertising products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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