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Date: 15 Sep 2022 - 16:00

Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz has suggested that bitcoin is highly likely to have a jawdropping bug in one major implementation of the flagship cryptocurrencys code.Potential Major Bug Could Be Used To Print More BitcoinIt all started when an early bitcoin adopter going by the name Heidi on Twitter observed that bitcoin had been online for at least 5000 days and if it were to suffer a major hack or be banned or shut down it would have already happened by now.Former director of developer relations at Ripple Matt Hamilton mentioned the value overflow incident back in August 2010 that nearly killed the entire bitcoin network. At the time a hacker who to this date remains anonymous exploited a vulnerability in the bitcoin source code to produce 184 billion newly minted coins out of thin air. The anomaly was identified by bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik and was corrected very quickly through the rollout of a soft fork.David Schwartz in response noted that there had been multiple other somewhat significant incidents though none as severe as the one in 2010. He however thinks it is highly likely that there is a critical bug in at least one major implementation of the bitcoin source code. This vulnerability could effectively prevent the breach of the 21 million bitcoin supply limit thereby devaluing existing bitcoins.Are LongTerm Holders At RiskA critical bug in the worlds largest cryptocurrency today could create shockwaves in the crypto community likely causing the price of BTC to suffer a horrendous crash.But Schwartz suggests that such flaws are very rare to find and exploit even though there is a huge incentive to look for them. Longterm holders dont really have to worry much about it the Ripple CTO opined.If such a flaw is exploited it wouldnt have disastrous implications for bitcoin which is unmoved. The most significant risk is that it causes tremendous losses for crypto exchanges and fatally undermines confidence in the OG cryptocurrency.Nonetheless Schwartz says such a severe vulnerability may never be discovered or it could be patched before bad actors can exploit it.

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Despite a series of dramatic selloffs data by onchain data analysis firm Santiment now shows that Bitcoins supply on exchanges has hit a multiyear low dropping to just 10.87 compared to 13.9 about six months ago. The last time something like this happened was in December 2018 a scenario that preceded a sustained bull run seeing the cryptocurrency gain over 200.This is also the opposite to what was

Decentralized networks such as Bitcoins dont know national allegiance they only know math. And when youre trying to get your savings out of an ATM or send a payment to relatives in a wartorn environment someone elses politics is the last thing you want standing in the way of you and your loved ones wellbeing regardless of what colors may be on the flag waving above your head. 1313The Human Cost o

The United Kingdom wasnt the only country to table new legislation on crypto advertising this week.

On September 26 a huge chunk of the Cosmos community is expected to flock to Medellin Colombia where theyll attend the largest and most significant conference for the Cosmos ecosystem.This is the second event hosted by Cosmoverse which intends to become one of the biggest driving forces for the growth of the vast Cosmos. Last year the Cosmoverse event in Lisbon Portugal gathered hundreds of Cosmos

Essential goals like trust and censorship resistance can be aided by distributed ledger technology said Vitalik.

Crypto Fashion Week 2022 March 18th22nd is an event for global digital fashion and NFTs which celebrates designers as artists fashion as sovereign selfexpression and avatars as the avantgarde in this onchain revolution. CFW organizes panel discussions and conversations about fashion in the digital space and unveils the latest fashion NFTs by digital designers. With the start of CFW 2022 fashion de

Our front office teams ... think and act like risk managers to ensure that we are not exposed in any significant way to market swings said Celsius chief financial officer Rod Bolger.

Metaverse Crypto coins continue to trade sideways this week as cryptocurrency markets manage to hold support. After last weeks bear market this makes it an excellent opportunity to pick up some underrated Metaverse crypto coins that could see significant price growth this month. This article looks at our pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below 50 million to watch in Ma

Gibraltar Introduces New Crypto Regulations 11 months ago

The government of Gibraltar has introduced new regulations to battle market manipulation and insider trading in the crypto industry.The modified regulation adds a principle to Gibraltars Financial Services stating that all DLT Distributed Ledger Technology providers that operate within the country should maintain the integrity of the market.Gibraltars Financial Service Commission drafted the new r

Crypto-focused SPAC raises $115M in Nasdaq IPO 12 months ago

The Aura FAT SPAC was listed on Nasdaq and ended its IPO with 115 million in funds after finishing an overallotment round.

This year started with a market plunge that saw the majority of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum nosedive.Bitcoin has however been trying to correct the downtrend only for the bull correction to be cut short below 45K. Today BTC dropped by more than 4 sending Bitcoin below 44K.At the time of writing Bitcoin was trading at 43609.63.Why Bitcoin price is laggingBitcoin price has been up and

It is illegal to buy or sell cryptocurrency in Iran the head of the countrys monetary authority has recently reminded citizens and businesses. The governor noted however that mining cryptocurrencies and using them in payments for imports is not against the law in the Islamic Republic.Top Banker Confirms Crypto Trading Still Illegal in IranThe purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies or using the digi

In a recent announcement Binance.US the U.S. branch of the global Binance exchange revealed the listing of ALICE. My Neighbor Alice players can now buy the games primary currency for on Binance.US.The announcement comes via social handles of My Neighbor Alice as well as from Binance.US. itself.Binance welcomed all of the neighbors in the US httpst.coxiQf2IfBK6mdash Alice MyNeighborAlice September

Onchain data shows the Bitcoin reserve of derivative exchanges has surged up recently as the price of the crypto has continued to crash down.Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange Reserve Observes Sharp UptrendAs explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post the crashing BTC price may be forcing whales and longterm holders to open short positions in order to hedge their portfolios.The 8220derivative exchang

Cardano network growth has done little to help ADAs price shake its multimonth slump.