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The Better Business Bureau BBB published a blog post on Sept. 17 to warn people about cryptocurrency scams that promise nearinstantaneous investment returns on Tiktok.Scammers targeting TikTok usersThe BBB explained that malicious TikTok scammers carry out crypto scams by luring unwitting users with a video depicting a pile of cash they earned through investing in the asset. They also claim to realize their investment within a few days in the video and promise viewers that they can triple their returns by investing a modest fee.When the viewers reach out to the Tik Tok scammers they are asked to transfer a few hundred dollars via a digital payment service like PayPal Zelle or Venmo. Other times viewers are tasked to purchase and send cryptocurrency to the scammer.Unsurprisingly the money 8220invested8221 never sees the light of day. The scammers would also try their hand at asking the viewerturnedvictim to 8220invest8221 or transfer funds several times promising that the investment will result in high returns.Further the scammers also employ scare tactics such as telling the victim that not paying the fees demanded would lead the victim to miss out on giant returns and even incur legal action.How to avoid falling victim to moneyflipping scamsThe blog post also gave a few tips on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crypto scams.The BBB said that getrichquick investment schemes online are nearly always scams. It is also important to do a background check on the person you intend to connect with to search for a history of fraud and complaints.Finally not caving into threats and scare tactics is vital in protecting yourself against crypto scams. If someone threatens you with a lawsuit recognize them as an online scam red flag.ScamsdThe post The Better Business Bureau warned about crypto investment scams on TikTok appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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The crypto market as a whole is bearish with most top 100 coins in the red at the time of writing. Investors are awaiting the Federal Reserversquos likely decision to increase interest rates by half a point.Top cryptosBitcoin is considered to be at risk of a breakdown as price momentum slows. The biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization was recently trading at around 38000 relatively flat o

Ending weeks of speculation Terra finally revealed which sports franchise it struck a deal with.

The post Coinbase Seeks To Halt The Lawsuits Related To Dogecoins and Scams appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideCoinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform has been dealing with two User Lawsuits filed against them. With the ongoing proceedings Coinbase had filed a nonfrivolous appeal soliciting to send the case in a dormant state for some time. Nevertheless

The post SOL Price To Initiate a Fresh Rally As Solana Completes 95 million Transactions appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideSolana SOL is regaining its positive momentum and showing applaudable retaliation after a significant selloff during the first week of September. According to Solanas blockchain explorer the network has crossed a total of 96.62 milli

Discord is a social messaging network thats become home to a great many gamers crypto projects NFT startups and other IT projects. However recently there has been a surge in Discord server hacks that have left a lot of users with empty pockets. The most recent incident involves the brand new Shiba Inuthemed restaurant chain Wellys. Apparently in the span of a 30 minutes attack the Wellys community

8220 8221 ETHER 8220 8221 Interact store of value immutable verifiable securely Currency Smart contracts Decentrali

Inflation refers to an overall rise in the cost of products and services throughout a countrys economy. Currently inflation is taking place which can be seen in the increase in price of goods and services such as gaspetrol food drink and so on. In terms of crypto the argument is that currencies such as Bitcoin BTC are not impacted by inflation however this argument seems to be quite weak given the

Binance is working with law enforcement to find an attacker who stole 570M worth of funds from the Binance Smart Chain.

Bitcoin price plummets againThe crypto market is in a bearish modeBTC price is at 43058.30The Fear of Uncertainty FUD around Bitcoins BTC downward trend is not yet over. Today BTC price had plummeted drastically like never before when the crypto market was changing hands for bearish mode.At press time Bitcoins price trades within the 43058.30 range on CoinMarketCap. Also it has a market capitaliza

Cryptospecialist recruiters say they have not witnessed a downturn in cryptorelated job opportunities despite a myriad of staff layoffs in the wider tech industry.

Crypto markets are trading sideways this week as Bitcoin and Ethereum hold support. After a bloodbath last week metaverse crypto coins are starting to see bullish movement. This article looks at the highest traded Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below 250 million.My Neighbor Alice ALICEMarket Cap 198 millionTrading Volume 104 millionLaunching in Spring 2022 My Neighbor Alice is a Metavers

Ethereum had seen its balances on exchanges decline through 2021. This happened despite continuous market rallies that sent the digital asset towards alltime highs. Investors had accumulated all through bull rallies instead of trying to dump their coins leading to reduced supply on centralized exchanges. This was also propelled forward by the growing popularity of DeFi. However this trend is start

The attorney general of the District of Columbia has sued Microstrategys cofounder and executive chairman Michael Saylor for tax fraud. The lawsuit also names Microstrategy as a defendant alleging that it conspired to help him evade taxes he legally owes. Both Saylor and Microstrategy denied the allegations. The attorney general is seeking more than 100 million in unpaid taxes and penalties.Distri

The bill amendment demands the Secretary of State submit reports to congressional committees explaining why the State Department made the determination to pay out rewards in cryptocurrency.

The post Ethereum And Ethereum Classic Trend The Top Crypto List Whats Next For ETH and ETC Price appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideIts been a while since the global crypto market cap is positioned below 1 trillion as the major cryptocurrencies have lost their key trading levels. However though Ethereums native currency Eth is facing a pullback the netwo