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Singapore Singapore 28th September 2022 ChainwireINR is live on Huobi after successful VC rounds and several strategic partnership announcements. Trading officially opened at 1300 UTC today September 28th and the project saw its token trending up from 0.22 to 0.44 within the first few hours. The listing is an important milestone for Inery on its journey to revolutionize how data is handled on the decentralized web.Inery a decentralized data system envisioned to enable a new paradigm for data management has been listed on Huobi exchange one of the worldrsquos leading crypto exchanges supporting over 1000 trading pairs and more than 600 cryptocurrencies. This will help bring Ineryrsquos vision to the markets and onboard more people in its mission to reshape the world through the paradigm shift in data management.Inery Decentralized Data SystemSpecifically designed to address database management by integrating blockchain functionalities and distributed database properties this project aims to enable interoperability between different industries without compromising security speed or performance.Inery Decentralized Data System will enable users to read write delete and control their data ushering in a new decentralized and secured internet era where data loss and misuse will no longer be an issue. With a proprietary blockchain running on MEM memory nodes Inery is able to ensure this while adding a level of encryption guaranteeing data privacy.Made to not only provide an upgrade to Web3 but also be more ecofriendly and costefficient Inery is a project offering realworld use cases to individuals enterprises and governments in the space of healthcare GameFi finance and more.The INR token is the networkrsquos native token used to secure and empower the Inery ecosystem.Successful VC round partnerships recognitionThe listing comes after Inery carried out successful investment rounds where it saw VCs like Global Emerging Markets GEM invest 50 million. Other venture capital investors to join Inery include Metavest who invested at a valuation of 128 million Nebulous Holdings AG Zazen Menas Global Cap Lion Point and Truth Ventures.To develop use cases Inery also announced strategic partnerships with Sadiqa Crescotec NexBloc and the awardwinning global marketing firm ndash Luna PR.In recognition of its achievements Inery has already received prestigious awards in the blockchain space. It was recently accoladed as the ldquoBest Emerging Blockchain Solutionrdquo at the Leaders in Fintech 2022 Awards and its CEO Dr. Naveen Singh received the ldquoBlockchain Leader of the Yearrdquo award at the prestigious GB Tech Awards.Inery is also one of the few projects to have a public testnet launch in August ahead of its listing. Its successful testnet release with over 160 nodes allowed developers to test the different functions and features of its blockchain. With the feedback received it will move ahead with its mainnet expected to launch in Q1 2023.INR is currently live on Huobi with the trading pair INRUSDT. The token has achieved a trading volume of 1.2 Million INR. It launched at a price of 0.22 and is trading at 0.43. Withdrawals begin tomorrow September 29 at 1300 UTC.During the first month of trading INR on Huobi traders can provide liquidity in the staking pools for staking rewards and transaction fees. Traders can also benefit from INR trading competitions to win awards in prize pools during the same period. Besides staking campaigns and trading competitions they will run KOL competitions. Follow Ineryrsquos announcements on Twitter and Discord to stay updated.Inery is led by Dr. Naveen Singh CEO and Founder Ivan Vujic CTO and Founder and Simon Murray founder of Orange Telecom ndash CBE and Chairman. Mr. Satjiv S. Chahil former Vice President of Global Marketing at Apple recently joined the Advisor board as the new Principal Advisor prior to the INR listing to help drive mainstream adoption.About IneryInery is a layer1 blockchain solution that provides a decentralized secure and transparent foundation for decentralization of data and its management. Inery envisions a paradigm shift in data and database management by integrating blockchain technology and distributed database synergies.ContactTijana D Gertner Director of Marketing amp PR INERY PTE. LTD. tginery.ioThe post Inery Token INR goes Live On Huobi Following Successful VC raise appeared first on CoinJournal.

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With an intelligentlydesigned airdrop a focus on enterprise development and partnerships and crosschain functionality the SOURCE Blockchain is poised to quickly rise amongst the industrys biggest and best.On Thursday August 4th Source Protocol Ltd announced the test net launch of the next standout blockchain to hit the crypto market and the Cosmos ecosystem. Built as a highly efficient scalable an

While the smartest people in the room scan the horizon bitcoiners are out there actually building the future they want to live in.The below is a direct excerpt of Martys Bent Issue 1259 Bitcoin is action. The accumulated momentum is going to be hard to stop. Sign up for the newsletter here.This morning I listened to a recent Macro Voices podcast with Brent Johnson from Santiago Capital. It was a v

By changing the way we display denominations of value in bitcoin we can make it easier to onboard people who may not understand bitcoins divisibility.As the price of bitcoin will potentially increase over time we need to adopt a new strategy to promote the relative affordability of bitcoin. In addition we need to address and remove some legacy barriers which both confuse and intimidate people new

The banking arm of the Swiss post office and fifth largest Swiss retail bank is set to launch bitcoin trading and custody services by 2024.The fifth largest retail bank in Switzerland will allow its over two million customers to buy sell and hold bitcoin by 2024. PostFinance is not only a leading Swiss retail bank but is also the banking arm of Switzerlands post office. The bank already partners w

The companys valuation grew from just 410 million in 2021 reflecting the rapid expansion of the NFT economy.

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Indias central bank the Reserve Bank of India RBI has warned about investing in the crypto market following the collapse of cryptocurrency terra LUNA and stablecoin terrausd UST. We have been cautioning against crypto and look at what has happened to the crypto market now said Governor Shaktikanta Das.RBIs Governor on Crypto Market and RegulationThe governor of the Reserve Bank of India RBI Shakt

The new federal budget states that Bitcoin will fall under the current tax treatment of digital currencies including the capital gains tax treatment where they are held as an investment.

Whenever you buy Bitcoin at a centralized exchange you are never really sure that your account is credited with actual Bitcoin or paper Bitcoin.

On Nov. 16 2022 at Bitcoin block height 763474 someone transferred 6522 bitcoin worth roughly 107 million after the coins sat idle for more than five years. While bitcoins value is 75 lower than it was a year ago socalled sleeping bitcoins have been waking up amid the recent crypto market capitulation.While Bitcoins Price Remains 75 Lower Than a Year Ago a Slew of Old Bitcoins Start Moving After Y

On March 29 blockchain parsers caught a sequence of 11 transactions totaling 11325 bitcoin moving from unknown wallets created in 2014 to a great number of recipient addresses. Furthermore the stash of bitcoin worth 540 million today is possibly linked to the Cryptsy theft according to onchain analytics.11325 Bitcoins Move From Dormant 2014 Addresses Assets May Be Linked to Cryptsy TheftA whole lo

Leading Metaverse Project TCG World in collaboration with Shark Tankbacked Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention JPiC will join forces to Cohost the Metaverse Expo 2022 according to a recent press release.Metaverse Expo 2022The Metaverse Expo 2022 is a 3day event organized to bring together entrepreneurs industry experts and crypto enthusiasts in the Metaverse Gaming and NFT Space. The event has

Dogecoin remains bearish at the time of writing as it just broke below its immediate price support line. Broader market weakness can be attributed to the price fall. Major market movers have displayed choppy price action.Over the last 24 hours Dogecoin lost 2 and in the last week it declined by 8. The global cryptocurrency market cap was at 1.93 Trillion as there has been a decline of 0.2 in the l

Brazilian UFC fighter Luana Pinheiro becomes the first female sportswoman in Latin America to receive her entire salary in BTC.

Coinmena the Bahrainbased cryptocurrency exchange recently announced that residents of Qatar can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies on its platform. The cryptocurrency exchange claimed it is the first regulated digital asset exchange to open its platform to Qatari residents.Residents Can Now Connect Bank Accounts to Their Crypto WalletsThe Bahrain headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Coinmena has