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Date: 02 Oct 2022 - 14:28

Bitcoin has yet to make a decisive move in any direction as the primary cryptocurrency continues to wrestle with the 18K support level. A bearish breakout below this position could be disastrous.Technical AnalysisBy EdrisThe Daily ChartBitcoins price overlaps with crucial support on the daily timeframe as it oscillates in a very tight range between the significant descending trendline and the 18K support level. With minimal wiggle room between these levels a breakout to either side is expected to occur during the next days or even hours.The 50day moving average located near the 20K mark is currently providing additional dynamic resistance and continues to bar the price from flourishing keeping it below this level for now.Considering the overall bearish market structure and the confluence of resistance levels at around 20K a bearish breakout below 18K appears to be a more plausible scenario. This breakdown could initiate another regression towards the 15K area and beyond.In opposition to this scenario for the bearish outlook to fail the price needs to break above the bearish trendline as well as both the 50day and 100day moving average lines.This bullish rebound would pave the way for a rally toward the 24K resistance level in the short term.The 4Hour ChartOn the 4hour timeframe the price continues to range between the 20K and 18K levels as the market appears to be in the calm before the storm. A breakout either above or below the mentioned levels could lead to a massive move in this timeframe and shape the midterm price action of the crypto asset.The RSI is also currently around 50 as momentum remains neutral for the time being. This indicates that buy and sell pressure lingers in a fragile equilibrium.However the oscillator has recently broken below the 50 level pointing to a potential bearish shift in momentum and further boosting the probability of a bearish continuation.Onchain AnalysisBy ShayanMiners joined the capitulation phase and have been distributing small amounts of their bitcoins after a significant decline in the price towards the 18K level. However the hash rate has been experiencing a mild rally and has recently spiked marking a new alltime high.Considering that Bitcoins price is down roughly 74 from its alltime high set in November 2021 and mining may not be profitable for many miners and mining pools this increase in hash rate could be a proxy of their belief in Bitcoin while providing the security of the asset.Miners capitulation has historically marked the cessation of the bear market and it seems to be close to an end. Thus there is a high probability that Bitcoin is about to find its longterm bottom at these price levels.The post Bitcoin Price Analysis Sideways Action Continues Breakout Could Lead Huge Move appeared first on CryptoPotato.

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
39997.79 $ 0 % 760.32 Billion $
3001.33 $ 0 % 360.05 Billion $
1.001 $ 0 % 82.65 Billion $
398.86 $ 0 % 59.29 Billion $
1.004 $ 0 % 50.96 Billion $
101.49 $ 0 % 33.28 Billion $
0.122 $ 0 % 31.52 Billion $
0.7024 $ 0 % 30.96 Billion $
82.96 $ 0 % 29.44 Billion $
0.9455 $ 0 % 29.42 Billion $

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The adverse price developments continued in the past 24 hours and bitcoin slipped to its lowest position in a week below 20000. The altcoins are in no better shape with ETH dumping by 7 and UNI by 8 following the recent phishing attack.Bitcoin Sees Weekly LowIt was just several days ago when the primary cryptocurrency was riding high and painted a multiweek peak of 22400 on Bitstamp. As the commun

Coin Healthcheck: Amp Token (AMP) 9 months ago

AMT Token AMP is a digital asset designed to decentralize risk in financial transactions. It works as digital collateral to enable instant verifiable collateralization for any form of value transfer.Since the outcome is often uncertain while transactions waiting for confirmations AMP tokens act as collateral for any cryptocurrency transaction performed via the Flexa crypto payment network. In othe

Stripe a global payment processor is working with OpenNode to enable businesses to convert fiat payments into bitcoin.Stripe one of the largest payment processors in the world just announced businesses will be able to convert any amount of payments into bitcoin.The functionality is available via a new app from Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure provider OpenNode on Stripes new app marketplac

GIGCO is a brandnew blockchain music platform built on Solana that introduces instantly deployable gig contractspoised to shake up and decentralize the live music industry.CryptoSlate talked to GIGCO Cofounders Ben Kindlan and Frank de Vrijer who explained how this new trustworthy booking protocol will allow artists to take full control and ownership of their music gigs merch tickets and NFTsBen a

The crypto grim reaper just cant get enough of Bored Apes as the BAYCrelated lending protocol BendDAO ran out of liquidation overnight. There were warnings last week that the NFT lending contract might summon the ghost of crypto winter and now with BendDAOs balance standing at only 15 Wrapped Ether wETH the situation is getting out of control.gmWhile you were asleep the BendDAO bank run finally ha

Visa has now partnered with more than 65 crypto platforms and exchanges. In addition the payments giant revealed that cryptolinked card usage exceeded 2.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter which is already 70 of the payments volume for all of fiscal 2021.Visa Outlines Crypto Strategy and AchievementsVisa Inc. discussed its crypto strategy and achievements during the companys earnings call Thursd

The Advertising Standards Council of India has issued guidelines relating to the advertising of crypto assets.

XRP lawsuit: Amicus brief request approved 3 months ago

In the XRP Lawsuit the two sides had fought one another once more. The legal counsel for Ripple had taken issue with the SECs interpretation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce amicus papers. Ripple criticized the SECs actions in asking the Court for more time or pages so that more amici curiae may submit briefs. 8230

Key Support levels 1.2Key Resistance level 1.5After ADA was rejected by the key resistance at 1.5 the price started to fall. With yesterdays market crash the cryptocurrency arrived back on the 1.2 support which was the starting point of the last rally during December. Sellers will need to step up to break this key support level that has held well so far.Chart by TradingViewTechnical IndicatorsTrad

Flux and Terra will collaborate to integrate their ecosystems and deliver users the best of Web3. The cooperation will focus on deep integration leveraging the ecosystemsrsquo respective strengths Fluxnbspwrote on their Medium page.nbspBuilding the internet of the futurenbspFluxrsquos goal is to make the required resources and infrastructure available to developers to deploy their dApps on Web3 se

Despite a strong bullish run in recent months Helium HNT was unable to hold its ground against tether USDT with the price falling from an alltime high of 50 to around 5. The recent price increase in Bitcoin BTC has had a positive impact on the overall market as most altcoins continue to show strength producing more than 100 gains with Helium HNT price also in the picture due to its impressive reco

Ethereum network fees have dropped a great deal this week sliding under 10 per transaction to levels not seen since March 10 2022. On May 17 the average ethereum transfer fee is 0.0027 ether or 5.68 per transaction. The cheaper fees on layer one L1 have made it so layer two L2 fees have been between 0.02 and 1.13 per transfer.13Ethereums Onchain Fees Slide Lower Following a Brief Spike Last Week13

The Australian government announced plans to token map all digital assets in its crypto asset sector as it intensifies efforts to protect consumers against unregulated market conditions.Australias tax office estimates that more than one million people have interacted with crypto assets in the region since 2018. As a result the government is seeking to improve the regulatory system so as to offer m

The biggest pain points in events ticketing could prove to be a flagship use case of blockchainbased nonfungible tokens according to industry leaders.

The post Can BitcoinBTC Price Surge Above 50k by MidApril Heres What Traders Can Expect appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideBitcoin BTC has dropped 4 in the last 24 hours although technical indicators suggest that support around 4000043000 could help to stabilize the weeklong price drop. Meanwhile alternative cryptocurrencies altcoins such as ether ETH fe