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Bitcoin has yet to make a decisive move in any direction as the primary cryptocurrency continues to wrestle with the 18K support level. A bearish breakout below this position could be disastrous.Technical AnalysisBy EdrisThe Daily ChartBitcoins price overlaps with crucial support on the daily timeframe as it oscillates in a very tight range between the significant descending trendline and the 18K support level. With minimal wiggle room between these levels a breakout to either side is expected to occur during the next days or even hours.The 50day moving average located near the 20K mark is currently providing additional dynamic resistance and continues to bar the price from flourishing keeping it below this level for now.Considering the overall bearish market structure and the confluence of resistance levels at around 20K a bearish breakout below 18K appears to be a more plausible scenario. This breakdown could initiate another regression towards the 15K area and beyond.In opposition to this scenario for the bearish outlook to fail the price needs to break above the bearish trendline as well as both the 50day and 100day moving average lines.This bullish rebound would pave the way for a rally toward the 24K resistance level in the short term.The 4Hour ChartOn the 4hour timeframe the price continues to range between the 20K and 18K levels as the market appears to be in the calm before the storm. A breakout either above or below the mentioned levels could lead to a massive move in this timeframe and shape the midterm price action of the crypto asset.The RSI is also currently around 50 as momentum remains neutral for the time being. This indicates that buy and sell pressure lingers in a fragile equilibrium.However the oscillator has recently broken below the 50 level pointing to a potential bearish shift in momentum and further boosting the probability of a bearish continuation.Onchain AnalysisBy ShayanMiners joined the capitulation phase and have been distributing small amounts of their bitcoins after a significant decline in the price towards the 18K level. However the hash rate has been experiencing a mild rally and has recently spiked marking a new alltime high.Considering that Bitcoins price is down roughly 74 from its alltime high set in November 2021 and mining may not be profitable for many miners and mining pools this increase in hash rate could be a proxy of their belief in Bitcoin while providing the security of the asset.Miners capitulation has historically marked the cessation of the bear market and it seems to be close to an end. Thus there is a high probability that Bitcoin is about to find its longterm bottom at these price levels.The post Bitcoin Price Analysis Sideways Action Continues Breakout Could Lead Huge Move appeared first on CryptoPotato.

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
39997.79 $ 0 % 760.32 Billion $
3001.33 $ 0 % 360.05 Billion $
1.001 $ 0 % 82.65 Billion $
398.86 $ 0 % 59.29 Billion $
1.004 $ 0 % 50.96 Billion $
101.49 $ 0 % 33.28 Billion $
0.122 $ 0 % 31.52 Billion $
0.7024 $ 0 % 30.96 Billion $
82.96 $ 0 % 29.44 Billion $
0.9455 $ 0 % 29.42 Billion $

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The post Coins Investors Should Consider Stellar XLM Tron TRX and Chronoly CRNO appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideThe recent cryptocurrency downturn has hit many investors hard and as Bitcoin BTC appears to be finding a bottom near the 30000 mark many want to know where the value lies in the market.Chronoly CRNO is an assetbacked digital currency option

The battle over Secret Networks Tarantino NFTswith one already sold for 1.1Mis finished with a possible collaboration with Miramax teased.

Five days after implementing the much anticipated Vasil hard fork Input Output Global IOG has announced that all of upgrades promised features and improvements are now live on the Cardano blockchain.New Improvements Go Live on CardanoOn September 22nd IOG and the Cardano Foundation triggered the hard fork combinator event deploying Vasil at the protocol level. Now five days after the upgrade new i

Virtual currency exchange company Bitcoin of Americahas increased its number of ATMs by more than 30 since May.Bitcoin of America had nearly 1800 Bitcoin ATMs in March. In two months this number increased to more than 2500 BTMs in more than 250 locations around the U.S.Until March Bitcoin ATMs offered the ability to buy Bitcoin BTC Litecoin LTC and Ethereum ETH. With the expansion of the network B

The Central Bank of Uruguay has issued a summons to Binance one of the biggest exchanges in the world due to the series of cryptobased savings products they are offering in the country. These savings products according to the bank can only be made through verified banking institutions or by companies that issue equity in the national stock market. Uruguay still has no cryptocurrencyspecific regula

At the start of February we saw the entire crypto market rebound sharply. Ethereum ETHnbspwas one of the key performers and at one point even got closer to 4000. But it has been a sharp fall ever since. More importantly ETH has fallen below the crucial support zone of 2800. So how far can bears take this Here are some highlightsETH was trading at 2734 at press time down about 5 in the last 24 hou

According to a financial disclosure filed on February 4 US senator Ted Cruz bought the last Bitcoin dip.The filing shows that the Texas Republican bought between 15.001 to 50.000 worth of Bitcoin on January 25 and used the brokerage River to make the transaction.Cruz joins the US Senate Bitcoin boostersUntil recently Wyomings Cynthia Lummis and Pennsylvanias Pat Toomey were the only two US senator

The crypto markets were in the red this morning with the majority of the top 10 cryptos registering losses over the past 24 hours.Google owner Alphabet drove US markets up yesterday as the firm posted a surge in profits. The stock topped the SPX500 rising 7.33.Investors will be following several releases coming out of the Bank of England today including the Monetary Policy Report and votes on Asse

Leading crypto exchange Coinbase announced implementing a plan in order to comply with the current global sanctions. The platform through its blog rolled out steps to initiate the compliance program which it mentioned would help protect 8216the integrity of all transactions supported by its platform. The post written by Paul Grewal who is the Chief 8230

Following years of lack of regulatory clarity the US authorities finally received a bill proposition that aims to shed some light on how the local watchdogs could oversee the cryptocurrency industry. Spearheaded by Sen. Cynthia Lummis RWY with bipartisan support from Kirstin Gillibrand DNY and Ted Cruz RTX the bill aims to classify most digital assets as commodities and provide more power to the C Review: Instant Exchanger 2 years ago

The post Review Instant Exchanger appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech NewsThere are times when cryptocurrency users must migrate from Ethereum to Bitcoin. There are a few exchange sites that provide instant services and one of them is an open API and an instant exchange converting ETH to BTC with is simple private and convenient. There is no need to register because th

Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts have for years preached about the much envisioned mass adoption of this fintech and why this is an important goal that must be achieved sooner than later. However many factors like ignorance a lack of information and poor telecommunication infrastructure have made the attainment of this objective difficult.13A Book of x2018Immeasurable Importance13In Africa where

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has reportedly taken down four major illegal Dark Web sites which have made over 260 million in cryptocurrency proceeds from the sale of stolen credit cards. Those platforms are Ferum Shop Trumps Dumps SkyFraud forum and UAS Store.The Latest SeizuresKnown as 8220carding8221 websites these illicit platforms offer stolen credit cards and buyers can purchase t

The post Yearn. Finance YFI Price Prediction 2022 Will It Bounce To 10000 Next appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideThe crypto market has seen exceptional growth over the past year. Especially at the beginning of the year 2021 many altcoins trended with massive profits one such prominent asset is Yield Finance.YFI crypto is one such Defi token that had give

Reese Witherspoon is an active participant of the NFT community and a long supporter of womenled NFT projects such as Meta Angelsand World of Women WoW. The famous Hollywood actress is notably one of the founders of production company Hello Sunshine which amplifies the voices of female creators telling womens stories and putting them in the center of media attention and the entertainment industry.