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Date: 02 Oct 2022 - 18:30

According to a recent report the worlds largest derivatives exchange CME Group is looking to register as a direct futures commission merchant FCM. CME Groups decision follows the digital currency exchange FTX as the crypto company applied to become a derivative clearing organization and awaits approval from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC. If CME Group is approved to be an FCM the company can bypass thirdparty brokers and offer futures directly on the CME platform. Derivatives Exchange CME Group Registers for FCM While FTX Awaits CFTC ApprovalThe worlds largest financial derivatives exchange CME Group has reportedly filed paperwork to become a futures commission merchant FCM according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal WSJ. WSJ author Alexander Osipovich explained CME filed the registration in August and Osipovich opines that the company is taking cue from the crypto rival FTX.If CME Groups FCM registration is approved CME will be able to offer derivatives directly without the need for brokerage houses like TDAmeritrade Saxo Bank Interactive Brokers Robomarkets and Grandcapital. FTX is awaiting approval from the CFTC to become a derivatives clearing organization. Last March the CFTC opened public comments so it could get insight into FTXs proposal. In midMay CME Group chair and chief executive officer Terry Duffy wrote that the move by FTX could present market risk.FTXs proposal is glaringly deficient and poses a significant risk to market stability and market participants Duffy opined at the time. FTX proposes to implement a x2018risk management light clearing regime that would significantly increase market risks by potentially removing up to 170 billion of lossabsorbing capital from the cleared derivatives market eliminating standard credit checks and destroying risk management incentives by limiting capital requirements and mutualized risk.The report written by Osipovich details that the chairman and chief executive of Advantage Futures Joseph Guinan says the move could be very dramatic. I would not expect the CME to go down the path where they compete directly with FCMs for clients Guinan remarked. However if they did go down this path that would be a gamechanger for the FCM industry and a dramatic concern for every FCM.While the CFTC weighs in on the FTX proposal Osipovich cited Craig Pirrong a finance professor at the University of Houston when he said that CMEs FCM decision was a response to the FTX plan. From a philosophical perspective they would prefer not to do this Pirrong said on September 30. But in the event that the CFTC does approve the FTX model from a competitive perspective they may feel that they have to do this.Osipovich also published commentary from a CME Group spokesperson who commented on CMEs FCM August filing. Our commitment to the FCM model and the significant risk management benefits it provides to all industry participants remains unwavering the CME Group representative said. In terms of bitcoin BTC futures volume FTX and CME Group have relatively the same amount of bitcoin futures open interest and BTC futures trade volume as well.What do you think about CME Group going face to face with FTX by applying for a futures commission merchant status Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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KASTA list on Bybit exchange.KASTA uses blockchain technology to help money transfer problems.KASTA a P2P payments platform has announced its listing on the cryptocurrency exchange Bybit. With over 3 million users and a daily volume of more than 7 billion this is an important step for the blockchain project as it continues to focus on expanding cryptoasset availability. The tokens official launch

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Senator Emmer highlighted the SECs politicization of regulations and called them powerhungry regulators that discourage goodfaith regulations.

The exOpenSea product manager filed the motion at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.nbspHe says NFTs are not securities or commodities and thus he cannot be charged with wire fraud.The US Department of Justice indicted Nathaniel Chastain in June.Nathaniel Chastain a former product manager at NFT marketplace OpenSea has filed a motion to dismiss the Department o

If youve kept up with the metaverse at all everyone and their husky is headed for the playtoearn station.nbsp Most of these games revolve around the sale of NFTs. Some will sell you land and some will sell you power. A few of them will even grant partial ownership but there is only one that does it all Gensokishi Online.

In addition to ecofriendly components the IMF recommended central banks include other features in their CBDCs such as compliance higher resilience and offline capabilities.

KuCoin one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges has partnered with Chingari a short videosharing app to create the Chingari Star Contest which will give app users the chance to win GARI tokens worth INR 20 million. The Chingari Star Contest kicked off on February 15 2022 and will run for the next month with top winners set to walk away with large rewards.The program aims to increase content creat

The global economy looks bleak as inflation continues to rise and a wide array of financial investments continue to shudder in value. Since May 2 2022 the crypto economy has dropped more than 15 from 1.83 trillion to todays 1.54 trillion. The price of gold has lost 5 in 30 days and major stock market indexes have seen record lows during the past two weeks. While many people hope the worlds financi

Bitcoin tycoons are steadily gaining ground on other types of investors.According to new research the largest whales have the 8220highest annual supply of BTC.8221These whales have accumulated more assets in the last 20 weeks by taking advantage of the price drop.Bitcoin BTC is now experiencing a price slump but underlying the negative sentiments the biggest whales are snatching up a slew of asset

The city has about 18 million residents in its prefecturelevel area.

U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman has called on the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC to take decisive action to put an end to the regulatory gray area in which the crypto industry has operated. He added that he plans to work with his colleagues in Congress in the coming weeks to examine options for federal legislation.Rep. Brad Sherman on Cryptocurrency RegulationCongressman Brad Sherman DCA cha

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According to Santiment there are a number of important factors in the Metaverse segment that may largely affect prices and capitalization changes of MANA SAND AXS ENJ in the following weeks. In particular the correlation between Metaverse tokens is comparatively low as various projects demonstrate very different market dynamics.For instance the 24hour market results indicate the appreciation of De

The ENS says losing control of puts key services under threat.

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Celsius Network Ltd. froze withdrawals swaps and transfers after weeks of skepticism over the sustainability of the DeFi lending platforms outsized returnscausing a global cryptocurrency selloff.Following the Celsius statement cryptocurrency markets plunged with Bitcoin plummeting as much as 14 to its lowest level since December 2020 and other major tokens such as Ethereum also falling sharply. Ac

The average investment in metaverse real estate was roughly 5300 in 2021 but prices grew considerably throughout the course of the year. Will prices for virtual land continue its upward trajectory