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On Tuesday the attorneys representing FTX told the court that a substantial amount of assets have either been stolen or are missing and further stressed to the bankruptcy court that FTX executives left the lawyers James Bromley and Sullivan Cromwell with limited information. Bromley further likened the former FTX CEO Sam BankmanFrieds SBF crypto empire to his personal fiefdom and in the end the attorney said the emperor had no clothes.Bankruptcy Lawyers Outline FTXs Financial Issues Lawyer Says Case Is One of the Most 8216Difficult Collapses in the History of Corporate AmericaThe Delaware bankruptcy court heard from FTX lawyers James Bromley and Sullivan Cromwell on Tuesday and it seems FTXs financial records do not look good. According to court documents FTX has a cash balance of around 1.2 billion and this weekend a list of FTXs 50 top creditors show the entities are owed roughly 3.1 billion.However the list of the creditors at least for right now remains confidential and names are redacted. According to a report from the New York Times NYT roughly 500 individuals logged into the courts Zoom broadcast on Tuesday. At the hearing Bromley told the court that a substantial amount of assets have either been stolen or are missing from the FTX platform.The attorney remarked that lawyers understand many people that are looking to get their money back immediately and Bromley insists the team is working towards being able to do that. The attorneys had a lot of descriptions for FTX and Alameda Research executives and Bromley called SBFs empire his personal fiefdom that ended by showing the emperor had no clothes.Restructuring executives and lawyers are looking to bring order to disorder Bromley noted. FTX executives were also called inexperienced8221 and 8220unsophisticated individuals.8221 Bromleys statements echoed the commentary written by FTXs new CEO John Ray who said the FTX bankruptcy was worse than Enrons.Bromley also told the court that FTX suffered from cyberattacks referring to when FTXs wallets were hacked the day the company filed for bankruptcy protection. Bromley further mentioned that FTXs headquarters moved around a lot in regions like Berkeley California Hong Kong the Bahamas and Miami.However despite the constant moving FTX was effectively under the control of Mr. Bankman Bromley detailed. FTX lawyers also detailed that the Bahamasbased joint provisional liquidators have agreed to transfer the case to the district of Delaware. Overall Bromley said the FTX bankruptcy case represented 8220one of the most abrupt and difficult collapses in the history of corporate America.8221What do you think about the FTX bankruptcy case and the lawyers statements Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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The Solana layer1 blockchain network has risen to third place alltime in total NFT sales and now sits just behind Ronin and Ethereum each of which have a commanding lead.

Charles Hoskinson the cofounder of the Cardano blockchain platform has criticized the U.S. government for adding Tornado Cash a mixer to obfuscate the origins and destinations of crypto currency transactions to the list of individuals and entities blacklisted for violating sanctions.Recently Tornado Cash a decentralized protocol for private transactions on Ethereum was pulled up by the government

Harmony aims to strike a happy compromise between security scalability and decentralization using a mechanism based on randomness and sharding.

The cryptocurrency trading platform announced the launch of a debit card with Mastercard.Crypto platform CEO Daniel Vogel revealed that there are two cryptocurrencies whose use is rapidly growing in crossborder trading XRP and stablecoins.For now Bitso processes 5 of all remittances sent by Mexicans residing abroad to their country.Bitso the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America expects

After a bullish run last week ETHUSD is showing significant bearish momentum this week. The Ethereum price dropped below 1400 Tuesday down over 8 in the past 24 hours erasing all of the last weeks growth. Whats causing the shift in shortterm market sentiment Will Ethereum price recover Lets look closely at Ethereum and issue a price prediction for this week.Key PointsEthereum struggles to hold sup

Meta Platforms Inc. the owner of the Meta formerly Facebook brand filed for five trademark applications on Friday under the name of Meta Pay. They appear to be dedicated to a new digital payments platform that will integrate various cryptocurrency and blockchainrelated products.Examining Meta PayAccording to the applications filed on May 13th Meta Pay is described as an online social investment

PRESS RELEASE 8211 Hrodna Belarus 14th October 2022The thunderous presale of the NFT GameFi token raised more than 1.2 million and continues to delight investors.Girles Token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token created on the Ethereum platform which is available for presale right now for every investor. Earlystage investors have more attractive terms of up to 200 than laterstage inventors. Girles

The worlds most dominant nonfungible token marketplace OpenSea unveiled a new smart contract upgrade in the late hours of 18 February 2022 designed to remove inactive listings on the platform. As part of the contract upgrade all OpenSea users will be required to migrate their NFT listings which at present are hosted on the Ethereum 8230

Beethoven is the first nextgeneration AMM protocol running on the Fantom blockchain which shows the potential of a true Ethereum killer. At the time of writing the token was trading for 0.82 and had gained 3.58 in the last 24 hours.This short guide will tell you everything you need to know about Beethoven what it is is it a valuable investment and is this the right time to buyWhat is BeethovenThe

KuCoinrsquos Into the Cryptoverse 2022 report shows that nearly half of the German population sees crypto as part of ldquothe future of finance.rdquo35 of investors do it for passive income.More women are showing curiosity in 2022 with 53 of those showing interest.A recent report by global crypto exchange KuCoin suggests that 44 of Germans are ldquomotivatedrdquo toward cryptocurrencies as an inve

The GateChain ecosystem provides secure and efficient decentralized digital asset storage distribution and crosschain token swaps for various digital assets and offers solutions for recovering stolen assets and lost private keys. It enables developers to create applications that fulfill different use cases.GateToken GT is the native token of the GateChain public chain and the unique exchange token

The Metaverse crypto coin gaining the most price today is none other than Monavale MONA. Gaining over 54 in the past 24 hours its clear that the market is excited about this token. Lets look at Monavale and its token MONA and see why the price is rising so much today.What Is Monavale MONALaunched in December 2020 Monavale MONA is a CC0 Creative Commons enabled Web3 Fashion amp the open Metaverse.

The post Top Altcoins To Keep Eye On EOS BNB 038 MATIC. This is What Traders Can Expect appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideBitcoin and the cryptocurrency market have been trading sideways for the past week after suffering big losses over the weekend. Despite the shortterm negative price movement market participants are still optimistic about the altcoins

Despite an unusual constellation of global risks rippling through markets Cardano continues to exude strength with some of its latest advances building a strong case for the cryptocurrency having a blast later this year.At press time ADA is trading at 0.87 up 15.12 in the past 24 hours especially after news that Bitrue a Digital asset management platform was making ADA a base currency. The cryptoc

A survey by crypto trading platform Bitstamp shows that 80 of institutional investors believe crypto will overtake traditional investment vehicles. Furthermore 70 of institutional investors said crypto was a trustworthy investment with 68 actively recommending this asset class in investment strategies.Institutional Investors Bullish About CryptoBitstamp a major crypto derivatives trading platform