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On Tuesday the attorneys representing FTX told the court that a substantial amount of assets have either been stolen or are missing and further stressed to the bankruptcy court that FTX executives left the lawyers James Bromley and Sullivan Cromwell with limited information. Bromley further likened the former FTX CEO Sam BankmanFrieds SBF crypto empire to his personal fiefdom and in the end the attorney said the emperor had no clothes.Bankruptcy Lawyers Outline FTXs Financial Issues Lawyer Says Case Is One of the Most 8216Difficult Collapses in the History of Corporate AmericaThe Delaware bankruptcy court heard from FTX lawyers James Bromley and Sullivan Cromwell on Tuesday and it seems FTXs financial records do not look good. According to court documents FTX has a cash balance of around 1.2 billion and this weekend a list of FTXs 50 top creditors show the entities are owed roughly 3.1 billion.However the list of the creditors at least for right now remains confidential and names are redacted. According to a report from the New York Times NYT roughly 500 individuals logged into the courts Zoom broadcast on Tuesday. At the hearing Bromley told the court that a substantial amount of assets have either been stolen or are missing from the FTX platform.The attorney remarked that lawyers understand many people that are looking to get their money back immediately and Bromley insists the team is working towards being able to do that. The attorneys had a lot of descriptions for FTX and Alameda Research executives and Bromley called SBFs empire his personal fiefdom that ended by showing the emperor had no clothes.Restructuring executives and lawyers are looking to bring order to disorder Bromley noted. FTX executives were also called inexperienced8221 and 8220unsophisticated individuals.8221 Bromleys statements echoed the commentary written by FTXs new CEO John Ray who said the FTX bankruptcy was worse than Enrons.Bromley also told the court that FTX suffered from cyberattacks referring to when FTXs wallets were hacked the day the company filed for bankruptcy protection. Bromley further mentioned that FTXs headquarters moved around a lot in regions like Berkeley California Hong Kong the Bahamas and Miami.However despite the constant moving FTX was effectively under the control of Mr. Bankman Bromley detailed. FTX lawyers also detailed that the Bahamasbased joint provisional liquidators have agreed to transfer the case to the district of Delaware. Overall Bromley said the FTX bankruptcy case represented 8220one of the most abrupt and difficult collapses in the history of corporate America.8221What do you think about the FTX bankruptcy case and the lawyers statements Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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PRESS RELEASE. EverRise a leading web3 security and infrastructure platform has released EverRevoke. The newest addition to the EverRise Ecosystem is a utility to review and revoke token and NFT approvals from a single place across multiple blockchains. EverRevoke supports five blockchains Ethereum BNB Chain Polygon Avalanche and Fantom.1313Token approvals are an often overlooked vulnerability in

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As we like to refer to them meme coins are cryptocurrencies created based on viral jokes. Despite their popularity among young and experienced crypto investors they receive a fair amount of criticism from industry experts. Right now the challenge is to alter perceptions or make something as amusing as a meme into a wise investment. Crypto enthusiasts must understand how meme coins are changing the

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MekaRim a multicultured team consisting of people from different countries backgrounds and professions is looking ahead to the launch of their NFT project. It is a huge project built around a unique concept and a welldefined roadmap.MekaRim is a multicultured team that comes from different countries such as Sweden Germany Ukraine USA and Canada says the spokesperson for MekaRim. We are experts in

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Enjoy Axie Infinity DeFi Kingdoms and other cryptocurrency games while they last because lawmakers are poised to crack down by mid2023.

A symmetrical triangle shows support at 38000 but pro traders have failed to add leverage long positions according to exchanges data.

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Following a day in which teetering stablecoin TerraUST UST bounced around .90 it resumed its freefall overnight to approach 0.30 before recovering partly to .43 this morning. LUNA has lost almost 99 of its value

Cardano ADA exhibited strength over the last 24 hours as the coin rallied by almost 25. With Bitcoin trying to climb up on its chart altcoins have reflected the same price action. Broader market seems to be regaining its lost momentum with major market movers showing signs of recovery.The global cryptocurrency market cap today stood at 1.38 Trillion with a 3.6 increase in the last 24 hours. The bu

BlackRock the largest asset manager in the world is doubling down on bitcoin. Just a week after forging an alliance with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase BlackRock announced launching a new private spot bitcoin trust for its U.S.based clients.BlackRock Launches Its FirstEver Bitcoin TrustBlackRock announced Thursday it had launched a private spot bitcoin trust offering its U.Sbased institutional c

On the 8th of September the number of Solana SOL transactions are approaching 100 billion. Once named the Ethereum killer the Solana blockchain had a rough patch this year related to its blockchain efficiency.According to Solanas blockchain explorer the network has processed 96 billion transactions. It is currently processing an average of 2470 transactions per second far below the networks touted

After dipping below the 100 mark over the last few daysnbspSolana SOL has managed to rebound. The coin has surged past this important psychological mark and it is likely that the momentum we have seen will continue in the days ahead. Here are the main takeawaysSolana SOL is looking to establish a decisive bullish breakout.The coin is expected to test its 100day SMAIt has established a bullish tren