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Date: 23 Nov 2022 - 17:28

Senators Elizabeth Warren DMass. and Sheldon Whitehouse DR.I. wrote a letter to the US Department of Justice expressing concern over the FTX implosion.The senators want the DOJ to hold the executives of FTX 8220accountableto the fullest extent of the law8221 for the allegations of fraud and illicit behavior thatled to the eventual collapse of the exchange that was valued at 32 billion a short while ago.The senators noted the companies impacted by FTX 8212 Genesis 175 million locked in FTX trading account crypto hedge fund Galois Capitals approximately 100 million locked in its FTX account and BlockFis halting of withdrawals and planned bankruptcy filing.Warren and Whitehouse stated that FTX wants to discharge its debts to customers 8212 many of whom are retail investors 8212 of up to 8 billion.The letter states 8220FTX created a false sense of safety and legitimacy and encouraged consumers to pour their hardearned money into investments on the exchange.8221The senators call out former CEO Sam BankmanFried for trying to minimize the concerns before the collapse stating that it is clear he and company representatives 8220were lying.82218220The fall of FTX was not simply a result of sloppy business and management practices but rather appears to have been caused by intentional and fraudulent tactics employed by Mr. BankmanFried and other FTX executives to enrich themselves8221 the letter states.The letter implores the DOJ to prosecute the individuals responsible for the harm brought on to the victims of the exchanges collapse.The post US Senators want justice department to hold FTX execs accountable for collapse appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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USDT Market Price Change (24H) Market Cap Last 7 Days
39997.79 $ 0 % 760.32 Billion $
3001.33 $ 0 % 360.05 Billion $
1.001 $ 0 % 82.65 Billion $
398.86 $ 0 % 59.29 Billion $
1.004 $ 0 % 50.96 Billion $
101.49 $ 0 % 33.28 Billion $
0.122 $ 0 % 31.52 Billion $
0.7024 $ 0 % 30.96 Billion $
82.96 $ 0 % 29.44 Billion $
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A judge in New York has ordered stablecoin issuer Tether to produce financial documents to assess whether USDT is backed by US dollars.

Whales have dumped 178150 BTC in a fivemonth period which amounts to 8.39 billion at current price levels.

BTC is in a lengthy downtrend but three key price metrics explain why traders are confident that the 38000 level will hold.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says the more regulation there is for crypto the better it is for Coinbase. He revealed an inquiry from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC noting We do not yet know if this inquiry will become a formal investigation.Coinbases CEO on Crypto RegulationThe CEO of Coinbase Global Nasdaq COIN Brian Armstrong discussed his companys performance and cryptocurrency

Bitcoin started a recovery wave above the 38400 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC must clear 39600 to move into a positive zone.Bitcoin managed to stay above 37650 and started an upside correction.The price is now trading near 39200 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.There is a key bullish trend line forming with support near 39220 on the hourly chart of the BTCUSD pair data feed from Kr

Bitcoin and select altcoins have dropped to critical support levels and the strength of the rebound lacks strength increasing the risk of further downside.

The Netflix documentary will be about a New Yorkbased couple and their link to laundering nearly 120000 BTC tied to the crime.

The post Elon Musk to Receive More Data From Twitter To Analyse Bot Accounts appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideAfter Elon Musk expressed his displeasure with Twitters data on bots and spam accounts the company agreed to share more information with him. Twitter provided additional information on bots including realtime API data which is probably all Elon

Law enforcement agencies in Germany have targeted Hydra a leading darknet market DNM. As part of an operation conducted with U.S. support the German police were able to establish control over the servers of the Russianlanguage platform in the country and take down its website.13Investigators Hit Hydra in Germany Confiscate Millions in Crypto13Hydra Market one of the largest marketplaces on the dar

Its all about the bigvolume buy and sell zones for Bitcoin on short timeframes data reveals.

The post Luna 2.0 Price in Hot water Will the Bulls take over anytime soon appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideLUNA 2.0 price is experiencing a tough time as the asset is testing the last line of defence at around 3.3 at the moment. As the Bitcoin price tanked down within a short time after surging by more than 7 in the early trading hours This impacted th

Bitcoin is holding steady amid rumors of a banking collapse trading between 18900 and 20200 over the past three days.Investor Miles Deutscher drew parallels between the woes at Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank and the collapse of the Lehman Brothers during the 20072008 financial crisis.Could Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank collapsing be the Lehman Brothers moment of 2022mdash Miles Deutscher milesd

The post Outer Ring MMO Unveils Five Tech Demos Ahead Of Its IDO In March 2022 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideOuter Ring an exciting upandcoming playtoearn MMO is eager to present its tech demo to the world. Players can access the game and its technology ahead of the upcoming Outer Ring IDO slated for early March 2022.The Outer Ring team is pleased to

Should You Buy the Ethereum Dip? 9 months ago

Ethereum price has come under intense pressure in 2022 as investors focus on multiple factors. It has fallen by more than 56 this year and by 68 from the highest level in 2021. Its market cap has crashed from an alltime high of over 600 billion to about 190 billion. So is it safe to buy the ETH dipWhy has Ethereum crashedThere are several reasons whynbspEthereum price has dropped sharply this year

ARK Investment Management 8211 a company spearheaded by fund manager Cathie Wood 8211 will reportedly have to wait longer than expected to hear the US SECs decision on whether it can launch a spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund ETF.In May this year the firm once again displayed its ambitions to introduce a product that tracks the performance of the primary cryptocurrency. It sought approval to list