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Key TakeawaysKraken Intelligences latest report bills Cardano to emerge as one of the best L1 blockchain.The verdict is based on Cardanos valuedriven approach to development.Massive network growth and plans around scalability will also play a key role for Cardanos dominance.Development on the Cardano blockchain has a lot of exciting prospects lined up for 2022. Some of these are highlighted in a new report published by the analysts at Kraken a cryptocurrency exchange. While pointing out the massive network growth and key milestones Cardano has reached the report hyped the proofofstake PoS blockchain to be emerging as one of the strongest contenders in the Layer 1 blockchain space.Cardanos values will be a key factor to place them at the top says Kraken Intelligence reportIn the February edition of the Kraken Intelligence report on the crypto industry the exchange focused on the biggest proof of stake blockchain in the crypto market. The report titled 8220Cardano A new generation of smart contract platform design8221 eulogized the Cardano blockchain for its valuebased approach to building its ecosystem.8220Cardanos values have noticeably directed the projects developments and design decisions and as a result the blockchain looks like it has been designed with the purpose and standards of providing decentralized global financial infrastructure rather than only focusing on providing a Web3 experience8221 Kraken noted.Source Kraken IntelligenceTo support this Kraken points out that Cardano is one of the more resilient blockchain networks that emerged from the initial coin offering ICO era of the crypto market. Cardano has also continued to deliver on its promised roadmap although sometimes with significant delays. However when they bring their products to market the Cardano blockchain has always lived up to expectations as an emphasis on 8220community governance academic peer review and the assurance programming8221 has always shone through.Kraken Intelligence highlights that Cardano is well on its way to bringing its vision of onboarding 2 billion people if it continues on its development track. This is due to the key partnerships and milestones the network has been recording from last year.Cardano has formed partnerships with several governments especially in Africa. Massive network growth as well continues to be recorded both onchain and offchain on Cardano. One key driver of the network growth is the burgeoning web 3 ecosystem that is being developed and utilizing Cardanos unique Plutus smart contracts platform.Looking forward to the Cardano blockchainAs outlined in Cardanos roadmap this year has a lineup of developments activities and upgrades that will bring scalability to Cardano as part of its Basho era. Among these are Hydra a layer 2 scaling solution that will make micropayments possible. There is also Milkomeda which will make Cardano crosschain compatible with EVM blockchains and the rollout of supporting infrastructure for developers. All these make Kraken surmise that 8220if all goes well 2022 could prove to be an exciting year8221 for Cardano.

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Bezoge Earth the creators of The Legends of Bezogia are thrilled to release the full theatrical trailer for their upcoming cryptobased MMORPG game where players from all around the world can come together and experience the wild and wonderful world of Bezogia.The Biggest Play amp Earn Game Youve Never Heard ofThe Legends of Bezogia the land where everything always goes up is an openworld MMORPG me

Changpeng Zhao the founder and CEO of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that the company could be looking to buy banks just days after revealing a 500 million investment in Twitter.Binance Considers Buying BanksCZ in an interview during a web summit in Lisbon noted that Binance could potentially buy banks in a bid to bridge the gap between the worlds of traditional f

Cardano ADA posted 31 gains making it the biggest largecap gainer in the last 24hours. For comparison Bitcoin is up just 3 over the same period.The price of ADA peaked at 3.10 in November 2021 just before the launch of smart contract functionality. Since then it has been trending south breaking key support levels on the way down and triggering frustration among some community members.A local botto

JPMorgan Chase amp Co. has hired bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Networks former head of policy and regulatory affairs as its new head of digital assets regulatory policy. The move followed JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon telling U.S. Congress that crypto tokens like bitcoin are 8220decentralized Ponzi schemes.8221 JPMorgan Chase Hires Head of Digital Assets Regulatory PolicyJPMorgan Chase amp Co. has hir

The prominent bitcoin bull 8211 Michael Saylor 8211 opined that the FTX crisis will have certain benefits on bitcoin.In his view the turbulence will eliminate thousands of useless digital assets while the primary cryptocurrency and a 8220handful8221 of other coins will be the only survivors.8216Bitcoin Will be the WinnerIn a recent interview for CNBC MicroStrategys Executive Chairman 8211 Michael

The networks 13th and final shadow fork executed today with no apparent issues say Ethereum core devs.

Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik said that while many chains will become ghost towns after the Merge some will be able to find their own niches.

Indian business owners Swati Daga and Sumit Gupta speak on new generations buying into bitcoin because stocks and other assets are boring.India business woman Swati Daga speaks to younger generations investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sumit Gupta CEO of CoinDCX discusses millennials beginning their investment journey with cryptocurrency. India saw 706 cryptocurrency transaction incre

The cryptocurrency market went through serious volatility in the past couple of days and has left a trail of liquidations worth around 215 million in the last 24 hours.AsCryptoPotatoreported yesterday Bitcoins price surged massively towards 42000 following the news of President Biden signing the longawaited executive order on cryptocurrencies.The documents text was perceived well by the market in

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Decentralized Finance DeFi is one of the biggest trends in the blockchain industry and the global cryptocurrency market cap soared to an alltime high reaching a market cap of 3 trillion. Everyone seems interested in cryptocurrency from financial institutions to individual investors these days. To buy and sell digital currencies you need a crypto exchange account but choosing the exchange to suit y

While most cryptocurrency markets are showing bearish momentum today ApeCoin continues its meteoric growth rising by over 17 in the past 24 hours and setting a new alltime high of 17. Lets take a closer look at ApeCoin and its token APE and see why the cryptocurrency is rising so muchApeCoin NewsWhile the official ApeCoin Twitter hasnt been active since last week the APE forums have seen significa

Pressure from the Kremlin and sanctions from the West have forced Russian news outlet Meduza to increasingly rely on cryptocurrency donations to fund its independent journalism. As the restrictions imposed over Moscows invasion of Ukraine have prevented its Russian readers from contributing in fiat currency the Rigabased website now accepts several digital coins. Meduza Pulls Journalists out of Ru

Sports digital currency platform Chiliz posted a strong performance over the last 24 hours gaining 14.8 to lead the top 100 tokens.The CHZ hourly chart analysis showed this was mainly due to a 16 upside swing on the Oct. 30 1400 UTC candle. The uptrend peaked at 0.2426 in the early hours of Oct. 31 before giving up most of the days gains.Source CHZUSDT on TradingView.comSince Oct. 22 having hit a

The latest in the lineup of starstudded celebrities to jump into the Solana space is NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille ONeal. The former professional basketball player changed his160Twitter profile name from Shaq.eth to Shaq.sol as a show of support to the 8220Ethereum Killer8221. The move hints at a possible collaboration with Solanas leading NFT marketplace 8230

CrossTower which according to CryptoCompare is one of the highest ranked crypto exchanges in the world is partnering with Ripple to add support for the trading of NFTs minted on the ultrafast lowcost and carbonneutral blockchain XRP Ledger XRPL on its NFT marketplace. CrossTower was founded in 2019 by Kapil Rathi CEO and Kristin Boggiano