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Date: 25 Feb 2022 - 14:12

America needs to ldquoget very serious about its Bitcoin strategy as a nationstaterdquo said Pompliano.Bitcoin is a US technology ldquofrom an ethos standpointrdquo he added.Most of the selling pressure around BTC is from shortterm holders and institutional traders likely to be positioned at a loss.Antony Pompliano the cofounder of Morgan Creek Digital and ardent Bitcoin bull has urged the US to take the lead in embracing Bitcoin.Speaking to CNBCrsquos ldquoSquawk Boxrdquo anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin Pompliano said that the United States needs to take this step on the ldquooffchance that 0.01 that the US dollar ends not being the global reserve currency used by every single country in the world.rdquoTerming this outlook a matter of national security the investment analyst noted that more and more US political figures have started talking about Bitcoin adoption at the national level.However he says the US doesnrsquot seem to have a strategy on how to take initiative and become the leading destination of this transformative technology.According to him America would do well to be the biggest holder of Bitcoin noting that it BTC is the biggest decentralised digital currency not under the control of any single entity.About 30 of Bitcoinrsquos hashrate is in the US following last yearrsquos exodus of miners from China into the country and other friendly locations. But despite this the analyst believes the US needs to have a strategy.ldquoWe need to get very serious about what is our Bitcoin strategy as a nation staterdquo he told Sorkin during the ldquoSquawk Boxrdquo show.Stating that the US needs to take a leading role going forward Pompliano notedldquoBitcoin is an American technology from an ethos standpoint. Itrsquos about censorship resistance itrsquos about free speech itrsquos about self sovereignty and individual rights.rdquoHis comments came as markets across the world looked to bounce from a sharp selloff triggered by Russiarsquos invasion of Ukraine. Bitcoinrsquos value had dipped below 35k as it looked like sellers would push it to critical support around 30000.About Bitcoinrsquos price movement and the selloff alongside stocks Pompliano said that the pressure is mostly from shortterm holders and institutional traders. These groups of BTC holders are likely to be ones selling at a loss he opined.Longterm holders and most people are in profit he said based on the realized price metric that puts the average cost basis in the mid 20000 region.And with Bitcoinrsquos bounce above 38000 on Thursday Pomp says a lot of the selloff pressure might ldquobe behind us.rdquoThe post Pompliano The US needs to embrace Bitcoin immediately appeared first on Coin Journal.

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The peerelected signatories for Tornado Cashs community fund have left the management of the wallet to the DAO.

BlockFi says its intention is to remain profitable amid the tough market conditions.Crypto platform BlockFi has announced that it is cutting its employee numbers by 20 following in the footsteps of other major companies in the industry.The platform which has seen significant growth over the past four years following the debut of its cryptobacked loan feature says the job cuts will impact ldquoever

Both parties participated in a 200 million funding round for the Australian NFT Immutable in March 2022.

Once again a few cryptocurrencies are sending market waves. Despite remaining largely bearish this year most tokens are turning up showing what a bull run will look like. Probably we are in a bull market. But with macro shivers continuing to wreak havoc we would be cautious about making a bull call now.c is one such token that has surprised the market. Some may have written off the cryptocurrency

The fifthlargest Ethereum mining pool Flexpool announced it will no longer provide services to customers in Russia. By doing so the entity opposed Putins military operation and showed solidarity with Ukraine.The mining company became the first in its field to halt its endeavors on Russian soil. This comes a day after the largest country by landmass sent military troops in Ukraine and endangered

Last week there was a lot of focus on the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital 3AC as the firm allegedly had a great deal of leveraged positions liquidated and theres been speculation about insolvency. According to a recent report 3ACs overthecounter OTC operation TPS Capital pitched a GBTC arbitrage opportunity before the company reportedly failed to meet margin calls.3AC CoFounder Says x2018Te

El Salvadors tourism has grown more than 30 after adopting bitcoin as legal tender according to the countrys ministry of tourism. Cryptocurrency multiplies the opportunities to do business with more partners anywhere in the world the Salvadoran government explained.El Salvadors Economy Boosted by Bitcoin LawThe Salvadoran government has outlined some economic benefits resulting from adopting bitco

Another step forward on Raribles multichain roadmap as the NFT marketplace protocol adds the Ethereum scaling solution.

PRESS RELEASE. Stockholm September 22nd As the world moves into more digital environments Swedish beautytech giant FOREO has taken the initiative to bring a whole new product to audiences everywhere x2013 the beauty NFT. Blockchain technology has allowed FOREO to challenge traditional skincare protocol and unobtainable beauty standards by bringing its renowned beauty range LUNA into the 21st centu

The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection saw its floor price surge by about 25 in less than a day. The move comes following major developments announced by the company behind it.Yuga Labs 8211 the company that took the responsibility for creating the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collections 8211 revealed theyve acquired the CryptoPunks and Meebits collections.In essence Yuga Labs acquired the intellect

Ether options have been trading for a much shorter time compared to Bitcoin options but the former has done an impressive job catching up with its predecessor. Bitcoin had dominated as the leading crypto options asset in the space with billions pouring into it. However the tide had begun to turn in the 3rd quarter of 2022 when an important update about the Ethereum Merge triggered a surge in inter

The post Three Arrow Capital Founders Face Jail Time Heres the Complete Story appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech amp Cryptocurreny News Media Crypto GuideEarlier this week the liquidators of Three Arrows Capital secured a crucial court decision in Singapore which gave them the ability to probe the local assets of the defunct crypto hedge fund.The spat between the founders of defunct crypto hedge

Just recently the American author economist and retired politician Ron Paul discussed the rising tensions between China and Taiwan during an interview and he talked about the U.S. economy as well. Paul insists that the U.S. economys collapse will come and he further stressed that debt has to be liquidated.x2018End the Fed Evangelist Ron Paul Says the x2018Real World Cannot Run on LiesThe former 20

The largest DEX in the world could be supported by a new 74 million foundation if a new proposal from two community members passes a vote later this month.

The number of cases involving the use of cryptocurrencies in funding terrorism and money laundering crimes is actually countable globally. The value of crypto transactions involved in these crimes is also dwarfed multiple folds by the value of fiat dealt in these forms of crime. The use of crypto in illicit activities is so limited that Europol admitted it in their report released Wednesday. The r